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O.J. gets bail!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on September 19, 2007


The verdict is in! And O.J. Simpson was granted bail at $125,000 with the stipulations that he surrender his passport to his fame starved attorney Yale Galanter from Florida. (This guy is really trying to make a name for himself in this case…his swagger was really on display!)

O.J. is not permitted to leave the country of course but will be allowed to travel anywhere in the United States. (As if he wouldn’t be recognized in another country) He is also banned from making  any contact with other witnesses and the co defendents. So O.J. is a G and we are glad he got bail because how can you release the other suspects but refuse  him????

And as we first reported a few days ago this entire case is beginning to stink to high heaven! So many holes in it…Thomas Riccio taped the convo in the room and then sold it to (the celebrity gossip site) and then he was given complete immunity???? why the heck is that???? SET-UP!!!! SET UP!! SET UP……

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