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Beyonce and Jay Z in NY…

Posted by Media Outrage on September 22, 2007

Jay and Beyonce

Jay and Beyonce out and about in NY. Are yall feeling Beyonce’s jet black hair?

Jay and BeyonceJay and Beyonce

6 Responses to “Beyonce and Jay Z in NY…”

  1. Drea said

    Haha, it absolutely doesn’t matter. Why? Because none of that weave is her own hair. Everybody knows she’s light skinned, but thats all she got, she didn’t get the good hair gene. Bad Herrr. naps.

  2. princess said

    beyonce does not have nappy hair as suggested, if she wears weaves which I doubt, it’s for fullness, she has the kind of hair you can wash and roll, all the females in her family have nice hair.(from her mom’s genes)

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  4. pts said

    oh my Princess…you obviously haven’t seen B’s hair (real hair) it’s not wash and roll like her Mom’s, she has her dad’s hair gene and Solange’s hair texture is worst than B’s. I recently saw Solange in Houston’s Galleria without weave, that kitchen was a mess, beady b. NOt that it matters they are both beautiful girls, but let’s get the facts straight.

  5. bangles89 said

    Beyonce has ok, hair i dnt fink its tough n it certainly isnt nappy. and i dont even no y evry is talkin bout whether her hair is real (which it is’nt – not rocket science!) or not as the question asked was, “Are yall feeling beyonce’s jet black hair?” The key word here is “black”!

  6. bangles89 said

    I think beyonce’s hair defintely suits her, it makes a change from da long blonde hair she usually has. I fink her haior is dark brwon rather than jet black, newhoos i really fink she shud change up her look n re-invent herself as she has had da same look for ages…even somethin as simple as gettin he weave done a lil shorther will make a difference. She’s not reall up to da time when it comes 2 fashion and image- dont get me wrong she always looks beautiful ut her style is very dated!

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