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This Korean Girl Can Sing!!! Ooops meant Saaaaang!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

This Korean girl tears it up!!! We have to say thanks to AHotMess! Thanks because we found this on your site lol.

Click Here!

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Woman Stole $2.89Million For Shopping Addiction!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

Brenda Rivard

Can we say going to prison for a long time???

A Greenville County woman is going to prison after pleading guilty to stealing millions from her employer to finance her shopping addiction.

Brenda Rivard pleaded guilty to eight counts of breach of trust and two counts of credit card fraud.

The crimes took place between January 1998 and December 2005 when Rivard was CFO of Lube USA.Rivard stole the money by transferring more funds than necessary into the payroll account. She would then spend the excess money by writing herself checks from the payroll account. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get Your Daily Dose of Beyonce!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007


Beyonce photographed earlier today arriving at the Halim airport in Jakarta Indonesia. Beyonce will perform in Jakarta tomorrow. Is that a fake tattoo on her forearm???

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You’re Gonna Laugh At This!!!!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007


Funny Stuff. Midday laughter. Lighten up.

Laugh Now.

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Superhead talks about ex-boyfriend Bill Maher…

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007


Here’s what she has to say about her ex funny man…

Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more – not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.”

Hmmm Thats why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. Is she saying that black women aren’t intellectuals? Nah that can’t be what she is saying.


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Actress reveals she conducted a relationship with 50 Cent!!!And that she will play the role of Superhead in movie!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

Elise NealElise Neal

So respected actress Elise Neal has come forth and revealed that she and 50 were more than friends.

Right now we’re really just cool, but it would be the understatement of the year for me to say it was always just that. “We’re friends enough to where he knows that if we’re doing something I’m not gonna go run and tell (U.S. gossip magazine) Us Weekly. That’s not my personality.”

Neal is now also being considered to play Karrine Steffans aka Superhead in a film that will based on her 1st tell all book. She tells King magazine, “I just want it to be something she has a lot of control over… I would do it if it came together the right way.

Elise NealKarrine Steffans

Is their a resemblance????  Just in case Elise Neal is forgetting that she will have some big shoes to fill by playing the role of Superhead on the big screen click here!


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Seinfeld defends wife against plagiarism on Letterman…

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

Seinfeld and Letterman

Seinfeld addressed the allegations that his wife is guilty of plagiarism in her new book “Deceptively Delicious”. Seinfeld says his wife did not plagiarize.

“So there’s another woman who had another cookbook — and it was a similar kind of thing, with the food and the vegetables in the food — and my wife never saw the book, read the book, used the book,”

“But the books came out at the same time. So this woman says, `I sense this could be my wacko moment.’ So she comes out … and she accuses my wife. She says, `You stole my mushed-up carrots. You can’t put mushed-up carrots in a casserole. I put mushed-up carrots in a casserole. It’s vegetable plagiarism,'” Seinfeld joked.

“I love the term `plagiarism’ for this little event,” he said. “Because it used to be you had to really take a theme from a major novel, some sort of literary narrative. Now, you’re in your kitchen making brownies, you sneak a little spinach in there, your name’s dragged through the mud.”

Both books are best sellers. “Deceptively Delicious” has more than 1 million copies in print, thanks largely to Jessica Seinfeld’s Oct. 8 appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s television program. Sales for “Sneaky Chef” have jumped since the allegations emerged against Seinfeld, with Running Press ordering a new printing of 60,000 copies, for a total of 150,000.

Funny isn’t this what rappers do? Now we have author beef and it really seems to beboosting book sales.


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Jay Z “Ignorant Sh*t”

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

Jay Z

He’s definitely back!!!! This dude is the truth!! Whoever doubted he’s still the greatest rapper on Earth! Until some green martian like creature descends upon earth spittin sh*t beyond our mortal comprehension…stop the f*cking debates the dude is hot!

Ignorant Sh*t 

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Keyshia Cole goes topless on cover of Vibe!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 30, 2007

Keyshia Cole

Image source Bossip

Keyshia Cole topless for the December issue of VIBE. She looks great.

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Jay Leno Will Leave The Tonight Show As Planned.

Posted by Media Outrage on October 30, 2007


Yes the man with a 1,000 chins will retire from his 15 years of hosting the “Tonight Show” in 2009, at which time Conan O’Brien will take over.

If “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno is having second thoughts about surrendering his job as planned, NBC doesn’t share them — at least not publicly.

“Conan O’Brien will take over ‘The Tonight Show’ in 2009,” NBC Universal President and CEO Jeff Zucker said Monday

Zucker said he’d like Leno to remain with the company and that “we are in those conversations now.”

“I’m hopeful that Jay will be with us,” the executive told the question-and-answer session.

A deal for Leno’s exit was finalized three years ago as part of NBC Universal’s effort to keep “Late Night” host O’Brien from bolting to a competing network. Leno marked his 15th year as host of “Tonight” last May.

Leno has said he’s comfortable with his planned departure but, according to a report earlier this month in the Los Angeles Times, the comedian has grown reluctant to retire as host of the fabled, top-rated late-night program.


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