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Deelishis Talks Dirty…

Posted by Media Outrage on October 3, 2007

In A recent interview with SSX Black Men Magazine our girl Deelishis had this to say…

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Black Men: What do you put on when you want to feel sexy?

Deelishis: Nothing. I like to lie on my bed in my birthday suit and rub myself gently from head to toe, taking a break when i get to my butt because that takes awhile. It’s better if you have a partner involved, but I find ways to do it alone.

Black Men: Would you ever allow your man to bring another woman to the bedroom?

Deelishis: No…well, I’m not sure. I haven’t experienced it yet but you never know.

Black Men: What are your hobbies and or interests outside of working?

Deelishis: Masturbating!!!!! She laughs

4 Responses to “Deelishis Talks Dirty…”

  1. Big dick1127 said

    i will love to bang that big ass of yours

  2. Sonny said

    I would love to have sex with the sexy Deelishis.

  3. Pink said

    I think that is sick to even think about having anothr woman in your bedroom I think society is getting tooo comfortable with this Gay shit and us as black woman and people are falling into this sick shit just like white people have been doing since the beginning of time. we are no better than them anymore. I think i is nothing wrong in being inmate w/yourself

  4. lexington said

    i wanna tear up that ass !!

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