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Beyonce performs in Ethiopia and shows off her 6 pack!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 21, 2007


Beyonce performing in Ethiopia last night. You got to love the hair (that should be a style all in it self) and the 6 pack. Home girl is in shhhhhaaaaaape!!!

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Former Tupac bodyguard says he was an undercover FBI agent!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 21, 2007

Tupac Shakur

Kevin Hackie one of Tupac Shakur’s former bodyguards claims that he was actually an undercover FBI agent at the time of his employment with Shakur.

Hackie made the claim during a Q&A segment that followed a screening of the new documentary “Tupac: Assassination – Conspiracy or Revenge?” in Los Angeles.

Hackie, who was employed as Tupac’s bodyguard and part of the security detail for Death Row Records from 1992-1996, made the revelation in response to an alleged Los Angeles Police Department officer who was in the crowd and defended the department’s investigation into Tupac’s murder.

In 2004, Hackie stated in a filed declaration that he had “personal knowledge” about Notorious B.I.G.’s murder and that people within Death Row offered $25,000 dollars to a law enforcement officer to carry out the slaying.

Tupac Assassination – Conspiracy or Revenge?,” available on DVD Oct. 23, examines alleged shortcomings of the Los Angeles Police Dept. in the murder investigation. The DVD also introduces new facts about the rapper’s murder.

       Hackie claimed that former officer David Mack and a number of LAPD officers worked as “covert agents” for Death Row Records and that Shakur was murdered because Death Row CEO Marion “Suge” Knight allegedly owed Shakur millions in unpaid royalties.

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