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Prodigy says police tried to get him to set up 50 Cent!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 22, 2007


Prodigy from Mobb Deep was sentenced to 31/2 years in prison. But here is what he had to say regarding the time and how the hip-hop po po operate….

According to the rapper, he claims that the police pulled him over and illegally searched his bulletproof truck and, during the course of the search, uncovered a gun in a box inside the rapper’s vehicle.

“I gotta do a little 3 ½,” the Queensbridge MC told Whoo Kid. “I had to cop out to a 3 ½…the hip-hop cops, they all over me son. They took my bullet proof truck. But I’ll be right back though.”

Before taking his current deal, Prodigy says that he was facing up to 15 years in jail if convicted and that the first deal he was offered was one for 5 years. He also claims that police tried to get him to set up his G-Unit boss 50 Cent, by asking him to plant evidence inside the rapper’s car.

“All they doing is making me stronger, they don’t even know what they doing,” he exclaimed. “They making me Malcolm X right now.”


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