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Deelishis! Full-Figured Beauty! Part 3.

Posted by Media Outrage on October 23, 2007


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiculous!!!! We love her.

For more of Deelishis visit her site

13 Responses to “Deelishis! Full-Figured Beauty! Part 3.”

  1. nidhinister said

    Oh, really fucking butt. i like it. its too sexy

  2. Bi66 Sticc said

    H3y Ma I just luv u and your body g3t at m3………..Fucc all th3 hat3rs out th3r3

  3. liladge said

    do your thing babe. i hope you sell mad jeans. you seem like a cool and genuine chick.

  4. iRule said

    Noe get rid of the cellulite, ass and thighs look like bleu cheese!

  5. jahshua said

    to much ass for any nigga 2 hanbdle but me

  6. jawad said

    ooooohhh very nice lovely

  7. jawad said

    wooow very nice lover i like youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  8. elaine said

    loos like lisa raye mcoy on players club

  9. ThatsMoney said

    my man loves this girl…i think its her butt…but doesnt he know the bigger the butt the bigger the stank..can you imagine the size of her shit…her cottage cheese looks lovely also..BUT at least i hide mine!! if my butt were that big i would be embarrassed!! ther has got to be some kind of butt reduction surgery she could get..but then..there goes her money maker…no butt no cash…her face aint cuttin the naomi campbell look…hmmm she might read this and beat me up she is pretty rough looking at how she tried to kill NY on the reunion…man…i miss those shows…

  10. Lowridaz said

    ahahah,lol at post #9. hey at least her shit is real, unlike that fake plastic fluid injected ass coco, the most so called hated on woman in america.LOL

  11. Ms_Behave said

    Post #9: “i think its her butt…but doesnt he know the bigger the butt the bigger the stank..can you imagine the size of her shit…” <— Bullshit!

    The size of her shit would depend on her anal passage and fibre in diet, as to 'stank', that depends on how 'properly' she cleans her ass, she may need more paper, lol, but still has to do with cleanliness.

  12. brynnrock said

    I always liked deelishis, she has a bigger ass than kim k. HA Kim, you don’t have the biggest ass so sit down please! Lookin Good Girl.

  13. The Klec 1 said

    Very nice…

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