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Kobe could wind up in Chicago!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 26, 2007

Kobe BryantKobe BryantKobe and Jordan

Rumors are swirling that if a trade is made for Kobe, it could send him to the “windy city“. The media is also hearing that the Dallas Mavericks are a possible part in this potential trade. Let us shine some light on these rumors, it is highly unlikely that Jerry Buss would send Kobe to Dallas for two reasons: 1. He would still be in the west coast. 2. I doubt that Dallas is willing to break up their team chemistry to get Kobe.

Chicago has a lot of promising young players that the Lakers organization might really consider adding to their roster. And then Kobe would get to live out his real dream, which is to really be Michael Jordan! He would be in a bulls uniform, be #24 one number above Jordan’s #23, and actually play in the house that Jordan built, while trying to possibly return the glory that the Bulls enjoyed in the 90’s.

We shall see.

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