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Hot Pictures of Beyonce Performing in India!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 29, 2007


The extremely talented and overly sexy Beyonce performed in India last night for the first time. To see more pics and we do mean more BeyonceBeyonce

Beyonce showing her thighs.Beyonce

Beyonce getting her groove on. Jammin to the funk.Beyonce

Beyonce with her Bill Cosby expression.Beyonce

Beyonce looking like she is looking for the and 1. or the foul for all of you people who don’t watch Basket Ball. Scroll down to see what we mean.Kobe

“Where’s the foul? This is exactly why i want to be traded cause my team is ass and my starting point guard is over there rocking the Fredrick Douglass”Beyonce

Beyonce rocking our favorite hairstyle that we have seen on her. Yep she has rocked it before…don’t believe us Click Here!

2 Responses to “Hot Pictures of Beyonce Performing in India!!!”

  1. […] while it’s available. Its is said that Beyonce earned $50million of her $80million from her world tour ticket sales. Sheesh… If she stays in the game long enough she will have the potential to […]

  2. Great site and thanx for the post

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