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Woman Stole $2.89Million For Shopping Addiction!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on October 31, 2007

Brenda Rivard

Can we say going to prison for a long time???

A Greenville County woman is going to prison after pleading guilty to stealing millions from her employer to finance her shopping addiction.

Brenda Rivard pleaded guilty to eight counts of breach of trust and two counts of credit card fraud.

The crimes took place between January 1998 and December 2005 when Rivard was CFO of Lube USA.Rivard stole the money by transferring more funds than necessary into the payroll account. She would then spend the excess money by writing herself checks from the payroll account.

She also spent about $180,000 using the corporate American Express card on personal items, most notably purchased from Nieman Marcus.

Lube USA is a privately-owned company headquartered in Japan that was formed in 1987. The company makes lubricating equipment for the manufacturing industry. The Greenville company is a distributor of the company.

Prosecutor Sylvia Harrison said, “She then falsified the bank statements that were sent back to Japan. They had no idea that she was taking this money.

“Lube USA CEO Nobuo Ochi said, “Oh my God — I mean, I didn’t know what she was doing.”

Investigators said that about $2.89 million was stolen over an eight-year period. They found 2,400 articles of clothing, about 850 pairs of shoes and 412 pieces of jewelry stored in Rivard’s basement.

Defense attorney Chip Price said, “I’ve known Brenda for 15 years and would never have guessed that something like this would happen.”

Price said, “I can’t find anything else that it was used for. It was not put in their home. There was no gambling. There were no drugs. I just don’t understand this.”

Company leaders said that there were other victims in this case. Lube USA was also unable to give raises to employees for five years. Company officials said that from 2000 to 2001, they were forced to lay off some employees because of the financial distress.

Rivard’s husband said that his wife bought all the things she did to compensate for what she didn’t have.John Rivard said, “I believe the freedoms of a normal life without diabetes, (the) inability to have children, et cetera, have left a void in her life.”

Lube USA attorney Andy Satterfield said, “I don’t think that there really are any excuses for embezzling that much money over that long of a period of time and with the methodical way that she did it.”

Rivard offered no excuses. She said, “I am totally responsible for what I did and I realize that I was wrong.”

She will be required to serve at least 10 years of a 20-year sentence, and she will also be required to pay restitution.

To recoup their losses, Lube USA found liquidators to buy the clothing, jewelry, purses and shoes. Rivard was also able to return one piece of jewelry for a refund, and she paid some restitution by taking a second mortgage on her home.

WOW she was getting her thievery on! Wonder if they will at least send her some Niemen Marcus catalogs where she’s going? One thing is for sure she can get ready to start liking women. Lights Out!!!


3 Responses to “Woman Stole $2.89Million For Shopping Addiction!!!”

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  2. Ralphy J. said

    WOW. when do u something that planned, u have 2 take responsability…this is DISGUSTING!

  3. Yasmine T. said

    shes just ridiculous and stupid

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