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Cassidy Talks About Fatal GunFight!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 2, 2007


The way Cassidy described the fatal April 2005 gunfight he was involved in sounds like something out of “The Bourne Ultimatum.” He had moved to Philadelphia’s quiet Providence Street right next door to his mother to escape the carnage that has often plagued the busier areas in his hometown. He just had a newborn son, so why not keep the whole family together? It was supposed to be peaceful and serene, a hideout from the craziness of the music biz as well as the streets.

But what happened on that day was catastrophic. His onetime close friend, 22-year-old Desmond Hawkins, was part of an entourage of men who Cassidy said were in a minivan, posted up in a very narrow alleyway behind Cass’ house, in front of his garage. When Cassidy and his friends pulled up in a Yukon Denali, gunfire erupted. Several dozen bullets lay on the ground, in cars, even in some people’s homes.

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Britney Spears earns $737,000 a month!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 2, 2007

Brittney and K-Fed

A lot of cake!

More court documents in the ongoing custody battle between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were released Thursday, which revealed some intimate details about their finances.

Spears earns approximately $737,000 per month.

Federline, earned more than a half million dollars in 2006, mainly from entertainment and endorsement deals – but minus business expenses, he only grossed $7,436 that year.

Federline receives $15,000 a month in child support payments from his ex. (The amount may change, depending on how much more custodial time he ends up getting.) He is entitled to child support payments until Preston, 2, and Jayden James, 1, become adults, since Spears is the higher earner.

The documents also reveal that Federline earned $3,300 in royalties in 2006 for his debut song “Popozao.”

Britney’s Expenses:
• $102,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $49,267 on mortgage payments
• $16,000 on clothes
• $4,758 on eating out
• $2,500 on phone bills
Kevin’s Expenses:
• $5,000 on entertainment, gifts and vacation
• $7,500 on rent
• $2,000 on clothes
• $1,500 on eating out
• $750 on phone bills


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Cassidy’s Freestyle About GOD!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 2, 2007

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