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Find out how the super rich really live…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 27, 2007


People often wonder how the super wealthy really live, well we are going to fill in a few blanks.

A favorite prize is the Gulfstream, the private jet of choice, with the latest model, the G550 ($47 million), the most coveted. It flies anywhere in the world nonstop, lands at large and small airports, connects wirelessly at 50,000 ft. (15,240 m) and receives 100% fresh air every 90 seconds. ”

Phillipe Patek

The watch of choice at present is the Patek Philippe. The top model retails for $800,000 to $900,000, and its purchase requires the following protocol: an interview with the company in Geneva, approval and placement on a waiting list of one to four years. Waiting lists and 10-figure net worths are like oil and water, however.

Concierge Services…..

An entire industry is cropping up in response to the demand for ultra-unique and personal service—getting what one wants when one wants it. It’s called concierge. “Our members are people who have a lot more money than time,” says Ed Rosenthal, coo of the club Quintessentially.

To see what other special super expensive services that the wealthy treat themselves to

With a member list that includes rock bands, Hollywood actresses and directors, British and Middle Eastern royals and other insiders’ insiders, Quintessentially specializes in extreme service, everything from the élite to the impossible. For a yearly fee ($5,000 to $40,000), club members receive access to highly knowledgeable personal assistants in 35 cities around the world. When one member found a coveted pair of stilettos in Miami but her size could be found only in Los Angeles, the shoes were flown to her via private jet in time for a party that night. A London member who was seeking a last-minute gift asked that a Picasso be found; it was. “There are a lot of people with a lot of needs or desires or whims,” Rosenthal says. “We’re able to facilitate that for them.” Recent whims have included that two Indian blue peacocks be sent to Scotland for a wife on Christmas; a request for blueberries harvested in Patagonia; and that a rare case of Petrus Pomero 1961 wine ($163,000) be tracked down. Members have even had wines found and delivered to them on their yachts in the Mediterranean.

On one of the most expensive travel agencies in the world…

Earth is a tiny travel agency in London whose 150 clients include business leaders, music and film honchos and other names you know. Its phone number is unlisted, and its website is a dead end, displaying only a dramatic image of the planet’s surface and an enigmatic message: “Membership is currently restricted to recommendations from existing clients or by invitation.” There are no further links. No one has been invited in five years, maybe more.

The rarest thing about Earth is that it purveys stratospheric levels of luxury. So �lite is the travel that even the poshest hot spots are deep-sixed. “I would say we reject, in the nicest way possible, about 80% of what other companies promote as luxurious,” Donovan says. On the docket instead are undiscovered, off-the-radar corners of the globe, most situated with private homes or hotels with few rooms. “It’s not Monte Carlo and Dubai,” Donovan explains. As for what it might be then? “It’s a secret,” he says with another giggle. “That’s the only mysterious bit.”

Indeed, Earth publishes no lists or brochures, and even clients receive their recommendations on a case-by-case basis, the better to protect the sanctity of its locales. “We’re always looking for something slightly unusual,” Donovan says. “For me, a place like Dubai just doesn’t ring a bell. It’s empty, really. What I hope we offer our clients is the antithesis of that. Something truly fulfilling and enriching.”


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