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Bill Gates has a message for black people!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on November 28, 2007

Bill Gates

Via Eurweb:

“Apparently prompted by a recent study showing that less than 10 percent of the graduates of computer science programs are Black, Microsoft founder and Chairman Bill Gates last week urged African Americans to become computer technology professionals.

Gates was speaking last Friday at a conference sponsored by the National Society of Black Engineers at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.

The study prompting Gates’ comments was released by the National Science Foundation. It showed that fewer than 6,000 of the 52,500 computer science graduates in the United States in 2004 were Black.

Gates said the nation is facing a shortage of technology professionals.

“The United States is not turning out from any group as many of the great engineers as there will be jobs for.” He added, “Blacks are particularly underrepresented in the tech industry.”

The Black engineers group named Microsoft the top employer for Black engineers. Meanwhile, Gates said Microsoft would partner with NSBE to enable it to hire and promote more Black engineers.”

That’s a good message from Bill Gates. And we are all aware that there is a ton of money in the technology sector.


9 Responses to “Bill Gates has a message for black people!!!”

  1. Chris said

    addressing the symptom not the cause

    jobs should go to the highest qualified/best suited.. none of this preferential treatment for anybody. it’s a discriminatory policy, even if it favours black people

  2. frodo441 said

    Being that the computer industry past over American labor 15 years ago…presenting the computer industry as a sure thing is like saying…”have you ever thought about going into business?” Granted a degree, that piece of paper will open doors…4 years is all it takes to get in the door…front end programing for the internet…or maybe pricey 6 month accelerated programs…but these type of programs cost around 10-11,000 dollars and Threats have been made to take money away from technical colleges…there are no short cuts, but with a two year degree or a bachelors…internet programs, information management complete with network savvy…and a keen eye for diagnostics…and maintenance is a good thing…”one of my favorite books is “playing hard ball with soft skills”…economics business majors and practical real skills with front end knowledge of how to work the programs, spreadsheets, (formulas for sifting data properly) and information technologists who know how networking works…concentration on front end service? two to four years?

  3. Jersey said

    Who in reality cares what the color of our professionals really are when what is most important is the work they produce?! I am sick and tired of statistics, quotas, affirmative action, and the like! Whatever happened to Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of one day color not counting?

  4. Just a little fact correction. 6,000 of 52,000 is not “less than 10 percent”. It’s a little more than 11 and a half percent.

    While I do hope the numbers change a bit, I think Bill Gates interests are to increase his labor pool and to score political points.

  5. hermipowell said

    White Bill Gates can address an issue concerning the racial equality, but the churches can’t.

  6. Why does it matter which profession individuals choose? Why is there such a concern than enough black men and women don’t choose to be engineers? What if as individuals they value other careers more? I just don’t see the big deal.

  7. Wasim said

    This has advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately we live in a world where it is almost impossible to know why certain things are said and done now !! I never really know what to make out of these comments anymore.

  8. chique said

    I am catching plenty hell trying to study computer science as a black female and I am not young. The teachers keep trying to run me out the classroom. Even when I was young and wanted to study math, I will never forget, I walked into a classroom of 7 white males and a black instructor, Michigan State, 1975, and he ordered me to get out. Fast forward 2010 and it is not much better, but at least there are women in math and science. The hatred I receive from other females is intense. So you see you want to go to school, and do the right thing you have to fight like hell and why. The hacker are ruthless and never stop hounding my projects. The point is it is a cruel lonely endeavor and people say why do you subject yourself

  9. chique said

    I am not ugly, people always ask why not be a model, well my family was not having none of that hollywood stuff and my brother did beat me down and I look at all the money people gettin but hollywood is not my destiny because whenever I even try to go after paper in that way, there are just too many people saying, I will not let the devil have you

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