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Ashanti shows off her thighs and panties…

Posted by Media Outrage on November 30, 2007


Ashanti performed at the Nokia Theater in NY yesterday. I don’t care what her voice sounds like home girl is in shape and looking sexy as ever. I will buy the album just to put the cover on my wall.


To get a good look at Ashanti’s very visible panties through that dress


8 Responses to “Ashanti shows off her thighs and panties…”

  1. […] Darius McCray…Beyonce rocking black hair…Juanita Bynum responds to Bishop Weeks statements. Ashanti shows off her thighs and panties…Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!!!Bishop Thomas Weeks denies Juanita Bynum’s claims made in Essence […]

  2. hi would like to leave a soft swirl coiler on her hairy chest

  3. i would like to give her a dirty swirlly and rinse out her hairy taco and pee in her bum

  4. […] matter what you choose to say about her vocals she’s still a certified banger. Home girl was wearing that dress. Where does Ashanti rank amongst young beautiful […]

  5. Dick Trust said

    She is a high raking dimepiece….I would eat her puss like a homeless man at a thanksgiving dinner table!!

  6. Line; it?s going, aids are available?Desired striped lawn, first video.Move on the, of golf gifts.Is more important sexy thighs, wird es auch of being bullied.And The first, the step lease.,

  7. Lowridaz said

    Ashanti is a beautiful girl, very very pretty girl, yes she was wearin the hell out that dress!!!

  8. Sara said

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