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Celebs come out to support darfur

Posted by Media Outrage on December 10, 2007

Sanaa Lathan and Golden Brooks

Sanaa Lathan and one of our favrorite ‘Girlfriends’ Golden Brooks came out in support of a great cause the crisis going on in Darfur. We must say we like Golden Brooks but she looks like she just woke up. But oh well you can’t look good in every picture. Sanaa looks great. Oscar winner Forest Whitaker and his lovely wife Keisha Whitaker came out in support. Cindy Crawford is photo’d with Keisha Whitaker. Camryn Manheim from ‘The Practice’ also showed her face. Actor Orlando Jones is photo’d with Keisha Whitaker. Orlando played the hilarious part in Chris Rock’s ‘I Think I love My Wife’ of the dude that was stalking Kerry Washington.

Orlando Jones and Keisha WhitakerCindy Crawford and Keisha WhitakerForest WhitakerCamryn Manheim

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