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Vida Guerra enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzzaaaayuuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on December 21, 2007

Vida Guerra

The sexy Vida Guerra was out last night in LA to support Nick Cannon’s “Young Hollywood Club” Christmas party and toy drive. She is wearing that dress. Her curves are off the hook. We can understand why Game (the rapper) probably still suffers from a sever case of carpal tunnel after sending Vida a few hundred emails begging her to be in his video. Who cares if she never puts out an album that people let alone her own manager buys a copy of, she is still one of the hottest chicks out! We hope we see Vida in a movie of some sort soon and we don’t mean a hood joint.

Vida GuerraVida GuerraVida GuerraVida GuerraVida Guerra

One Response to “Vida Guerra enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzzaaaayuuuum!!!”

  1. […] Tyler Perry flick couldn’t solve. But either way the fellas still love Vida for what she does best, which is poke out those assets she was born […]

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