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Christina Milian shows off in a bikini

Posted by Media Outrage on January 1, 2008

Christina Milian

Christina Milian did a nice bikini clad photo shoot down in Miami. We think she needs to eat a little more. We can almost see her entire rib cage. She looks good though for a skinny gal. What do you think?

Christina MilianChristina MilianChristina MilianChristina MilianChristina Milian

23 Responses to “Christina Milian shows off in a bikini”

  1. […] her nice little figure, but this is still not enough to make us forget that she really looks like a skeleton in a bathing […]

  2. I like the 2nd pic the best.

  3. tinafan said

    she is stunning.

  4. Tinafan said

    She gets very little credit in Hollywood and the music industry. I love her.

  5. Cutie 2 said

    She is far from skeletal. She is the right size for her height. She has a gorgeous figure and is more than I can say for anyone that is carrying to much weight.

  6. Adam said

    She is gorgeous.

  7. Robohobo said

    She is absolutely stunning…

    Definitely one of the most beatiful!

  8. rebel_1Ne said

    I co-sign the april 4th comment to the fullest … (and all the others following it)

  9. Amanda said

    A skeleton? Are you nuts? She looks great! She is actually thicker than most celebrities. She could lose more in her legs. I definitely don’t think she should. I’m just stating facts. Too many people in America think it’s okay to be “THICK.” So disgusting. Stop eating fried chicken and Mickey D’s

  10. w2m said


  11. Cc said

    amanda your a fucking dumb ass…LOL lose weight in her thighs????? why because they arent twigs???? words of someone who prob starves herself all day and eats toothpaste…anything to stay skinny! Her legs are amazing like the rest of her body its called actually being a woman and being small in the right places and having more curves in the right places…your probably one of them skinny nasty white girls who thinks paris hilton looks totally hot..FOR SURE! HEHE

  12. joel73 said

    will you marry me.

  13. random said

    she’s perfect…she doesn’t need to gain anymore or lose anymore weight..what are you people on? Seriously!!

  14. Her stumach looks like a patato sack.. But she can still get it..

  15. windsor said

    hello brazil,my name é windsor she is perfct!to apaixonado!

  16. jamilu said

    she is beautiful.remember GOD ALWAYS

  17. jamilu said

    Always pray for protection,misdom,knowledge and long lasting.I care for you,hope we meet one day GOD BLESS YOU,AMEN.

  18. jamilu said

    Always pray for protection,Wisdom,knowledge and long lasting.I care for you,hope we meet one day GOD BLESS YOU,AMEN.

  19. Flexx said

    Damn!! She look real good!

  20. Lover said

    Bit skinny though maybe, yes. I’m not exactly waiting to see a showin’ ribcage when looking at a woman. Showin’ ribs is definitely too skinny: Most men just love some roundings and ” flesh ” at a woman and no ribsshowing bonebags!! 🙂

  21. D-Mac said

    mmmmhh…is all i can say!

  22. None said

    Who wouldn’t want to fuck that?

  23. Matt Karnak said

    She is absolute perfection here. Anyone who says otherwise is completely insane.

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