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Accuser sues Remy Ma for $80million

Posted by Media Outrage on January 10, 2008

Remy Ma

Remy Ma’s accuser has now upgraded her lawsuit from $20million to $80million. She’s wildin for thinking that she will even get a fraction of that, anyway back to the news. Makeda Barnes-Joseph maintains that Remy Ma shot her twice in the abdomen on the night of July 14th for allegedly stealing $2,000 out of her purse.

Via AHH:

“Universal Music Group and Sure Shot Recordings are are also named in the suit for helping cultivate Remy’s image.

Joseph’s attorney Lauren P. Raysor issued a statement to the Voice, which said, “Only by pursuing those who we believe are legally responsible for this vicious and callous act of violence, can we hope to put an end to this senseless cycle of violence that is glorified by Hip-Hop marketing.”

The wounds Joseph sustained from the shooting have resulted in three surgeries and frequent hospital visits.

Remy Ma’s lawyer said that the suit shows Joseph’s true motivation. Remy’s attorney Ivan Fischer told reporter Chloé A. Hilliard, “It strikes me that this is part of a publicity stunt. The claims she makes are inaccurate. She reaches into every conceivable deep pocket…It’s grossly irresponsible.”

This suit is an upgrade from a similar suit levied last month in the sum of $20 million.

Remy Ma has proclaimed in innocence in the shooting case.”

$80 million??? She’s grasping but then again if that really took place and she is handicapped from that then she deserves loot.

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