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Halle Berry covers InStyle

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Halle Berry

Halle BerryHalle BerryHalle Berry

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Halle Berry covers the latest InStyle Magazine. Here’s what she had to say….

About Celeb culture….

“Ten years ago you didn’t see [tabloid] photos of celebrities pumping gas or playing with their kids in the park. What exactly is the fascination? We all do the same mundane things in life, believe it or not.”

On the internet ….

“I was a big surfer, but I’m done with the Internet. It’s gotten toxic, I could it out of my life. People on the Internet can say whatever they want with no repercussions. But if I have a flub-up or dumb moment, I have to take responsibility.”

On her ultimate indulgence….

“To be left alone and not followed around! Where nobody saw what I was wearing, and I could be free of anyone noticing me.”


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Magic Johnson worth $800million

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Magic and Cookie Johnson

Fortune Magazine has valued Earvin Magic Johnson’s net worth at $800 million. With his various lucrative investments in Starbucks, Magic Johnson Theaters, his minority stake in the Los Angeles Lakers and a few other business ventures he seems to be well on his way to becoming a billionaire in the next few years if he continues making wise investment moves. We wonder what Michael Jordan’s net worth is. It has to be somewhere in the range of $500 million or more but then again after going through the most expensive celebrity divorce ever, that might have been cut in half! Many analyst speculate that Tiger Woods will become the first billion dollar athlete maybe by 2010, yes even before Lebron James. That’s what’s up Magic keep doing your thing in the business world!

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Fat Joe talks slick about 50 Cent again

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Fat Joe

Fat Joe was on ‘Rap City’ and took the opportunity to take shots at 50 for some comments he made earlier in their on going beef.

50’s earlier comments about Fat Joe…..

“Fat Joe, he’s not really tough. He’s the kind of guy who makes idle threats … invites you to a fight and never shows up. My schedule has been on BET for the last two years and he still ain’t run into me.”

Fat Joe’s response….

This dude 50 Cent is a clown, we’ve been beefing what –three years? I go to every club in New York City, every hood. Have you ever seen a G-Unit member in a club? The question was eliminate, he can’t eliminate Fat Joe. Since I’ve been beefing with 50 Cent I’ve become so much richer in my life, so much more millions and keep dropping hit records. And my brother Khaled is dropping heavy records and We da Best and you see that movement. You can’t stop us. We untouchable, B.”

On his up coming album Elephant is in the Room…..

“The elephant is in the room. Do you know the life span of an artist? Artists don’t last no more than two albums. He come out, he a new sensation, he got a hot record. When he come out with the second album, he don’t even have a hit, he’s gone, similar to a Young Buck/Lloyd Banks situation. That’s real talk, they outta here. I’ve been in the game for 14 years. I’ve been dropping so many hits. Do you know how hard it is for a guy to make a hit record every single time? This record right now is about to be #1 in the country. It’s killin’ them. You can’t stop me. So my thing is why not give credit where credit is due?”

“If a dude keep bringing out number one records ‘Make It Rain,’… ‘Lean Back’ made them ‘Lean Wit it, Rock Wit It,’ made em ‘Shoulder Lean,’ matter fact blame me for ‘Pop, Lock and Drop It’ cause ‘Lean Back’ started that. ‘Make it Rain’…”Rihanna” had to talk about it, she had to get an umbrella. How many people you seen make it rain after a song like that? But they don’t want to talk about Fat Joe like he’s top ten. Elephant is in the Room, the Room is hip-hop!”

Fat Joe has definitely been a major staple in hip-hop and has been around for a while but did Make it Rain really inspire these other songs??? Or was he inspired by what the south was doing and thus Make it Rain???


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OJ is back in custody and on his way to jail

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008


OJ Simpson has been arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his bail. It is being reported that two days after OJ was released from custody back in November on bail and told by the Judge not to have any contact with the other defendants, he allegedly left a voice message for his bail bondsman asking him to give a message to Clarence “C.J.” Stewart. It is being reported that his bail has been revoked.

We are also hearing reports that the bail bondsman had not been paid in a while by OJ we are guessing and he was fed up so he probably turned the voice mail over to the prosecution in Las Vegas, Nevada. So OJ is being transported to Nevada, and it is a possibility that he will sit in jail until April when his criminal trial is to begin.

All we can say is wow. This guy’s addicted to stupidity.


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Serena Williams is devastated

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Serena Williams\

Serena Williams blogged about her break-up with her boyfriend and how hurt she is….

“You just start dating a guy. He likes you, you like him. You guys want to spend every second together. When you are not with him you are talking to him on the phone. You have deep feelings for him. The feelings keep developing. They keep growing. You begin to think this could be it. You begin to think I really think this is it for me….. You love being together. You can’t stand being without each other. You start to feel like you have never felt before, and you do things for him you have never done before. He tells you he doesn’t want to be with you and only you. He tells you he adores you. He tells you u guys were meant for each other. You care for him. You are falling for him. You take things slow. You don’t want to make any mistakes. You go slower with him than you have ever done before. You don’t rush to introduce him to your friends, let alone anyone else. You want it to be right. You are feeling this and you feel this could mean something. He communicates with you. He thanks God you are in his life. You guys have fun together. You laugh together. He talks about being and becoming serious with you. He talks about his desire to love you one day. He talks about he can’t imagine not being with you. You think he’s falling in love with you. But you can’t be 100% sure. You guys have not said that sacred 4 letter word that starts with an “L”. But you feel it deep deep in you. Deeper than you have in a long time.

You ask him “are we moving too fast”? He replies “We are just following our hearts.” You start to trust him. Something you have not done since your first heart break. How long ago was that? You wonder. Trust is something you vowed you would never do again. But slowly your heart comes out of its steel enclosure. You feel like you can trust him. You feel as if everything you went though was for a reason. And the reason was to meet him. Days turns into weeks. And he tells you about the connection you guys have in each others hearts.

Weeks turns into months and you slowly start to wean the other guys in your life out. And than it happens. No not the “L” word. But what you have been most afraid of. What deep in your heart you have been afraid to confront. What you always suspected would happen one day sooner or later. HE STOPS CALLING. You panic. But you try to stay calm. He did this before when you first started talking, but u tried to forget it. You knew u should have not forgotten. But u tried to ignore it. He disappears for a week with no phone call. No answer to yours no nothing. Finally you hear from him. You want to rage you want to scream you want to cry. But you can’t help you heart from feeling a tad bit happy.”

To finish reading this long ass post Read the rest of this entry »

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Marion Jones sentenced to 6 months in prison

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Marion Jones

Marion Jones was sentenced to 6 months in prison today for lying to investigators about using enhancing drugs despite her emotional plea to the judge to not seperate her from her children.

“even for a short period of time. I ask you to be as merciful as a human being can be.”

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Elise Neal looking hot

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Elise Neal

Actress Elise Neal was out at an event in LA a few nights ago looking absolutely stunning. We believe she is 41 but never the less she is looking hot! It was reported a few months ago that she might possibly play Karrine ‘Superhead’ Steffans in a movie so we don’t know what is going on with that or when that film is even to begin shooting. Either way Ms. Neal deserves to have more work in Hollywood.

Elise NealElise NealElise NealElise Neal

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Tyson Beckford hates on Tyra

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Tyson Beckford

Tyson Beckford had some things to say about Tyra’s show ‘America’s Next Top Model’ compared to his new series that he is co-host of on Bravo Make Me a Supermodel.

“Tyra? Are you joking? I’m the only male supermodel there is, the only one who can make a supermodel. Do you think Tyra can just call up Naomi Campbell and ask her to teach these kids how to walk the runway? Please! You know Tyra and Naomi aren’t cool like that right? And we’re in New York, Tyra’s in L.A. Nothing’s going on in L.A. [My models] will go on go-sees, be doing what it takes where the action is, in New York. Please!”

Interesting is this a publicity stunt on Tyson’s part??? Because you can’t really compare a show that just started to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ being that Tyra’s show has been super successful in ratings for a few years now. SMH


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Wesly Snipes owes unpaid taxes on $38million

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Wesley Snipes

Yesterday details in the Wesley Snipes tax fraud case were revealed in pre-hearing documents and according to the papers Snipes never paid taxes on $37.9 million and then tried to get an additional $11.3 million in refunds from the IRS. His tax-evasion trial will begin on Monday in Florida.


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Things just keep getting worse for Scott Storch

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Scott Storch

Now it is being reported that Scott Storch is in the arrears on taxes to the state of Florida. His Palm Island house in Miami is listed in tax records with past-due amounts totaling $435,602 dating back to 2006. Where’s the money going??? Somebody get him an honest accountant before he ends up in court for some real ish.

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