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Fat Joe talks slick about 50 Cent again

Posted by Media Outrage on January 11, 2008

Fat Joe

Fat Joe was on ‘Rap City’ and took the opportunity to take shots at 50 for some comments he made earlier in their on going beef.

50’s earlier comments about Fat Joe…..

“Fat Joe, he’s not really tough. He’s the kind of guy who makes idle threats … invites you to a fight and never shows up. My schedule has been on BET for the last two years and he still ain’t run into me.”

Fat Joe’s response….

This dude 50 Cent is a clown, we’ve been beefing what –three years? I go to every club in New York City, every hood. Have you ever seen a G-Unit member in a club? The question was eliminate, he can’t eliminate Fat Joe. Since I’ve been beefing with 50 Cent I’ve become so much richer in my life, so much more millions and keep dropping hit records. And my brother Khaled is dropping heavy records and We da Best and you see that movement. You can’t stop us. We untouchable, B.”

On his up coming album Elephant is in the Room…..

“The elephant is in the room. Do you know the life span of an artist? Artists don’t last no more than two albums. He come out, he a new sensation, he got a hot record. When he come out with the second album, he don’t even have a hit, he’s gone, similar to a Young Buck/Lloyd Banks situation. That’s real talk, they outta here. I’ve been in the game for 14 years. I’ve been dropping so many hits. Do you know how hard it is for a guy to make a hit record every single time? This record right now is about to be #1 in the country. It’s killin’ them. You can’t stop me. So my thing is why not give credit where credit is due?”

“If a dude keep bringing out number one records ‘Make It Rain,’… ‘Lean Back’ made them ‘Lean Wit it, Rock Wit It,’ made em ‘Shoulder Lean,’ matter fact blame me for ‘Pop, Lock and Drop It’ cause ‘Lean Back’ started that. ‘Make it Rain’…”Rihanna” had to talk about it, she had to get an umbrella. How many people you seen make it rain after a song like that? But they don’t want to talk about Fat Joe like he’s top ten. Elephant is in the Room, the Room is hip-hop!”

Fat Joe has definitely been a major staple in hip-hop and has been around for a while but did Make it Rain really inspire these other songs??? Or was he inspired by what the south was doing and thus Make it Rain???


4 Responses to “Fat Joe talks slick about 50 Cent again”

  1. 50cent all day bitch fuck fat joe fuck dat nigga make it rain his only guud song, niggaz like the beat and because lil wayne kilt it othewise they wudnt care fuck fat joe and terror squad the only one i like wit dem is DJ Khaled he da best but he in a loyal situation not to fuck wit gunit fat joe can’t sell much records. 2.4 million in 15years and 8+ albums lil wayne did dat on 1 album within 2 months so come on bullshit niggas can outsell you fuck fat joe fans wtf he do he suck he a fucking pussy

  2. 2020VIZN said

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooow, Yung Strangha thats interesting and thanks for those staats I didnt know that Fat Joe only sold 2.4 million cd’s in 15 years, that aint a guud look. But I know that 50 cent be talking smack about Fat Joe all the time. Then 50 will cool out when Joe tells him if he says anything about him again he will kill him and his whole family. But you gave us some guud info thanks!!

  3. BIG SEA said

    Hey YOUNG strangha, like KRS1 said record sales don’t make you the best!!!!!

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