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Raz B gets played on air by Miss Jones

Posted by Media Outrage on January 15, 2008

Raz B

Raz B you know the former B2K member who started a media whirlwind with his YouTube video in which he said that manager Chris Stokes poked him in the ass. He even said on the video “My ass hurt”. Then he came back and retracted the very serious allegations and didn’t want to talk about it. Dog you just can’t come out in the media and make some crazy allegations like that and then not expect to be questioned on them when you are given a national platform to express yourself on. Well anyway he called into Miss Jones’ radio show and once again didn’t want to talk about it but here’s what happened.

One Response to “Raz B gets played on air by Miss Jones”

  1. Elane said

    I am totally disgusted with the comments people have made about a hurting soul. Raz B is clearly someone that needs help and support.
    In any situation when someone is molested we should stand by them and support them. Raz may have made those comments during a time
    where Chris stopped supporting him and decided to expose him because of his none support and disrespect. I don’t agree with everyone calling Raz gay.
    If he is or was gay and has decided to change and go the Jesus route we should support or keep our negative comments to our self. How many of us have done or said things that were not right…. I do not agree with the way Raz put it out, but on the other hand he did what he felt he needed to do.
    It’s hard in this world for past artist. Once they run out of money they have to find other ways to make money besides going to work at Taco Bell. The world is so caught up with the drama instead of praying for this brother and understanding that he needs help. He sounds like a broken Vessel. From this point on we should speak only on suggesting how he can be help and start to see him as a victim. Chris Stokes is no innocent guy. There are many accusations about him being gay and messing with his talent. There were accusations before Raz came out with it. Lets remember that it’s usually the rejection of the world that drives people to suicide and long term depression.


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