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Deelishis enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzzaaayuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Deelishis showed up to the 12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards in Detroit on Tuesday. Her amazing rear-end is looking it’s regular swoll self. We’re surprised Art Fennell didn’t base his ‘big butt’ special report on Deelishis. We hope she either gets her own reality show or jumps in a good movie sometime because we would hate to see her disappear into the sea of irrelevance.


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SlaverWii…(Slavery):Whip not included

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008

Props to the people at weneedtostop and SandraRose (where we found it) for posting this very racist parody video promoting Nintendo’s Wii. For those who (Gabrielle Union) hate black blogs and think that they are only good for tearing down our celebrities that’s not true there is a lot of useful, relevant, and important news mixed in and served along side the entertainment.

Whether or not Nintendo can act on this video, I don’t know, but I have sent a letter to them, and if you are also appalled, you may cut and paste this letter I sent. Don’t forget to sign it.

Let other people know and encourage them to write to Nintendo also. Just talking/typing about it does nothing. If you have never written to a company, now would be a good time to start.

Submit your letter here. Denise Kaigler is the new VP of Corporate Affairs.Here is the telephone number to Nintendo’s Communications / PR Department:

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Denzel’s double standard when it comes to his daughter dating

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Denzel was on the late show the other night and had this to say about his daughter dating…

“My oldest girl has got a boyfriend, who is at the school where she is. He is obviously very bright, but has too many earrings for my liking,” the father of four told Letterman.

“I told him, ‘I’m not gonna be that friendly with you.’…I put my oldest boy on him — to put the fear of God into him. I said, ‘Kick him around a bit. Tenderize him. I’ll finish him off.'”

But Denzel admits there is a double standard….

“It is a double standard because, with my boys, I’m like, `That’s my boy.'”

Katia is a sophomore at Yale and her older brother, John David, 23, is a running back on the practice squad for the St. Louis Rams.

He’s only doing what most father’s do which is protect their little girls. But routing his sons on… like boy you better whip that p*ssy! (Boomerang)


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Charlamagne responds to chingy

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Charlamagne responds…..

I told him he is one of the wackest rappers of all time and that his album, “Hate it or Love It” was his newest weed plate. Am I not allowed to express my opinion to another man’s face whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent? Am I supposed to suck the knee caps and lick the Timberlands of every artist that comes to the studio just because that’s what every other radio personality and TV personality does? If so, then I’m in the wrong business because truthfully that is the problem with the industry today.

That is why people feel like “Hip Hop is Dead” because for some reason it is politically incorrect to have and opinion unless you’re in total compliance with the garbage that’s being pumped into our baby’s brains. Now back to Chingy, I don’t know him personally, I just think artistically and creatively he sucks as a rapper. He might be a really cool dude who just can’t rap. Chingy doesn’t know Charlamagne Tha God either, so how can he say in his video “I don’t like that dude”? No Chingy, what you don’t like is my opinion of your music. Did I once refer to Chingy as a bitch or a weak ass dude? No, I didn’t because I wasn’t trying to insult the brother. I was just giving him my honest opinion of his rapping ability (or lack there of). Did I once mention to Chingy that I often wonder why the greats like Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Big Pun, Pimp C, and Big L get murdered or die but wack rappers like Chingy get to live? Did I once say that to him? Then why did Chingy feel the need to tell me to eat shit and die?

Do you want me to die Chingy? Wow, this is why I don’t like rappers. He didn’t have anything to say in the studio, but three weeks later on youtube he is talking tough. I’m a bitch; I’m weak, fuck Charlamagne, throwing his middle finger to the camera. Where was all that when you were in the studio live with me on the air? Oh I forgot you were sleepy and tired Chingy. My brother in the game of “I’m a Pussy Poker”, that line exposed your Ho card. I have never been too tired to tell someone, “fuck you” or “kiss my ass”! I have woken up out of sleep throwing punches, so what the hell is he talking about? If anything that interview should have woke his ass us up like somebody pouring hot grits on you in the middle of the night. I’m hoping they remake “The Wizard of Oz” with a hip hop twist and cast Chingy as the Tin man because a few weeks ago you had no heart. Now all of a sudden you found one?

Let’s just say that I do make 40,000 a year. That is a better number then your first week sales for “Hate it Or Love it”. If my annual salary was your first week’s sales, I would be making a miserable $31,000 a year. Now I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m getting rich off of radio but I make more a year than “Hate It or Love It” has sold since being released 4 weeks ago on Dec.18th, that would be 50,650 units, just in case you were wondering. For the record, I don’t rap! Where does this guy come off saying I’m trying to get a deal? No stupid I have a distribution deal through Lightyear/EMI for my company Stupid Dope Moves Inc. I’m dropping a compilation album of artist from my home state of South Carolina. The album titled South Crack “The Album” will be in stores this April.

God bless you all. I’m going to take a shit and wipe my ass with Chingy’s “Hate It or Love It” album cover. Someone sent me the promo copy. I thought they were just trying to make me laugh, but I think they seriously wanted me to listen to it! I had enough coasters around the crib and I really didn’t know what to do with it until all that Curry Goat I ate in Jamaica over the weekend came back to haunt me. How ironic is it that I am about to wipe my ass with the album cover of a shitty rapper.

Streetfully Yours, the Dirt Road Don, Charlamagne Tha God


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Chingy lashes out at charlamagne

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008

Chingy decided to respond to Charlamagne roasting him on Wendy Williams a few weeks ago. Charlamagne completely insulted this guy’s rapping ability calling him one of the wackest to ever do it. But yea Chingy you should have said this to his face while on air don’t make the video later that’s just corny.

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Ashanti lookin bangin

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Ashanti was also in attendance at Michael Jordan’s celebrity golf tournament in the Bahamas. If her singing skills only matched her looks she would be in the same category as the very beautiful and talented Alicia Keys and Beyonce, but hopefully with some work with a vocal coach she will improve. Now we do feel her songs so that’s cool. Don’t worry Ashanti there’s hope because look at Rihanna. She is improving her vocals and using her image to catapult her into super stardom. But we definitely like Ashanti and support her music. To hear Ashanti’s new single click here.

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Gabrielle and Regina at Michael Jordan’s celebrity golf tournament

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008

Regina King and Gabrielle Union

Regina King and Gabrielle Union striking an interesting pose that would lead some sites to just start some crazy ridiculous “SUSPECT” rumor but not us. Even though a picture is worth a 1000 words we won’t dare disrespect someone’s privacy or attempt to ruin their image by trying to be funny and entice our readers. Nope not us. So instead we’ll let YOU do it! Joking. That’s cool that women can take these kinds of pictures and be cool cause if you just like caught two of your favorite male rappers posed like this, we think it would sort of be a rap for their ‘No Homo’ image.  Regina King is looking like she thought she was going to ‘Makeesha’s’ around  da way back yard barbecue wit ‘RoRo’ and nem. But we actually believe she is a great actress who just never gets those leading roles. Well she did play Will Smith’s wife in ‘Enemy of The State’ and she killed that part. She’s really good at displaying the true deep emotions of the character.

Gabrielle UnionRegina King and Gabrielle UnionGabrielle Union and Regina King

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Michael Jordan’s 7th annual celebrity golf tournament

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008

Regina King Michael Jordan Gabrielle Union

Michael Jordan threw his 7th Annual Celebrity International Golf Tournament on Paradise Island in the Bahamas yesterday and a few of our celebrities showed up. Brenda from 227 and Gabrielle Union enjoyed sandwiching MJ. Mike’s been rockin that single hoop in his ear since like 89, time to upgrade (we can see kobe at the jewelry store right now trying to cop just one hoop). His longtime homie Charles Oakley popped up. Ladies delight Boris Kodjoe and his wife Nicole Parker were there. Nick Cannon and Fat Joe. Oh yea that’s his brother Larry from “Come Fly With Me” you remember that! Yep back in the VCR days. Mike looks like he’s really enjoying the single life.

Boris Kodjoe Jordan Nicole Fat JoeNick CannonCharles OakleyMichael and Larry JordanJordan

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Beyonce back in ny sportin new look

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Beyonce’s beauty was in full effect on Tuesday night as she Jay-z, and Denzel dined at the corner deli in NY. We’re feeling the dark hair style and the fashion is of course in order.


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Chris Rock and his daughter in the mall

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008

Chris Rock and daughter

Chris Rock was doing some shopping yesterday evening with his daughter in NY at the Columbus Circle mall. What’s in the bag Chris??? We hope it’s an Ebony, Essence, or Black Enterprise and not a Black Men’s.

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