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Deelishis enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzzaaayuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on January 17, 2008


Deelishis showed up to the 12th Annual Urban Wheel Awards in Detroit on Tuesday. Her amazing rear-end is looking it’s regular swoll self. We’re surprised Art Fennell didn’t base his ‘big butt’ special report on Deelishis. We hope she either gets her own reality show or jumps in a good movie sometime because we would hate to see her disappear into the sea of irrelevance.


7 Responses to “Deelishis enuff to make a dying priest say gotdizzzzaaayuuum!!!”

  1. sweetthang said

    she is overrated…she needs to get that yuck removed from her arm, what, the flavor of love checks ran out? yuck

  2. veronicahagan said

    I think she looks very pretty, I see she has some dental work, that is always the plus, and I do think her booty is big but what does it look like without clothes, is it really that round and tight or she just wears good panties. I dont know having money can change you, she looks good. Wonder how her daughter is doing?

  3. Jai said

    what does that say about u when every pic is an ass shot. Ladies stand up and be the women that our grandmothers want us to be. success is possible even with your clothes on

  4. kcole said

    Why do we always hate on each other? D expalined that those scars are from an accident. Everyone can’t have keloids removed. She still rocks w/ her scars and all.

  5. […] photographer. She definitely was one of the sista’s that gave birth to the buffies, Deelishis’s, and Angel Lola […]

  6. Shatoya said

    Stop hatin on her. She very beautiful with her scars and all.I bet your man would hit that.

  7. Bonnie said

    She always showing off her goodies…I wonder would she be as famous if she had a smaller butt.
    probale not

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