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Barack Obama denies being a muslim

Posted by Media Outrage on January 23, 2008

Barack Obama

Presidential hopeful Barack Obama confronted the false rumors claiming he is a Muslim that were spread via the internet. He says the rumors by internet were part of a  “systematic political strategy”.

I think it ‘s very important for people not to buy into the kinds of dirty tricks that we’ve become so accustomed to in our politics, and people need to understand I’m not and never have been of the Muslim faith.

In e-mail messages that have been circulating as long as Obama has been a presidential candidate, the Illinois senator is said be a Muslim who refuses to recite the pledge of allegiance, and one who “joined the United Church of Christ in an attempt to downplay his Muslim background.” In fact, Obama has never been a Muslim.

“I think that those who are of the Muslim faith are deserving of respect and dignity, but to try and feed into this fear-mongering and try to question my faith commitments and my belief in Jesus Christ, I think is offensive,” Obama also said. “And I want to make sure that people are absolutely clear about what’s going on with this, and if they get another one of these e-mails that they’re deleting it and letting their friends know that it’s nonsense.”

Obama did not hypothesize who was behind the e-mails, but noted, “somehow they appear magically wherever the next primary or caucus is.”

Mediaoutrage– This is definitely another flagrant dirty tactic by probably Hillary Clinton’s campaign to undermine Barack Obama’s support. But here is the thing, if I was a Muslim I would be insulted by the fact that whoever (Possibly the Clinton Campaign) is emailing these false rumors is also disrespecting an entire faith by insinuating that being of the Muslim automatically discredits and disqualifies your ability to lead this country. It seems that 9/11 created this distorted perception of the Muslim faith. You have extremist in all religions even Christianity just remember that. A bad apple is a bad apple. Never forget that white slave traders enslaved an entire race of people and attempted to use Christianity to justify it.


One Response to “Barack Obama denies being a muslim”

  1. adam said

    I agree. I am a Christian, and it embarrasses me when I hear of Christian extremists doing retarded things in the name of Jesus or Christianity or whatever. I want to tell people “hey, we aren’t all like that!”. The same goes with any religion of people. Don’t discredit an entire group due to the actions of a few.

    By the way, I like Obama.

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