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Balboa he’s sick

Posted by Media Outrage on January 28, 2008

This kid’s nice

To hear more Balboa check out

13 Responses to “Balboa he’s sick”

  1. REAL said


  2. Gina said

    Real doesn’t know what he or she is talking about. Ive seen Balboa on a few dvds and he is probably the nicest dude in jersey that isnt signed.did youhear what he was saying?good post

  3. IDoThis4real said

    i seen dis a while ago.da boa is nice 4real.ive heard him on a few mixtapes and he be spittin dat shit.2 b honest he reminds me of a yung jay z.

  4. cakeaholic said

    i went to da boa real’s video and you trash dog u not hot from north jerz and i gotta give it to da nigga balboa is a mans passed me dat philly vs jersey dvd and every body wwo seen dat shit said dat nigga was be fuked up dat da nice niggas dont be signed but dese wack ass lean wit it rock wit it niggas be signed dats da shit dats fukin rap up i never heard da nigga boa on no song but his freestyle shit is nice he up dere wit cassidy

  5. Loco said

    yea REAL i just checkedout ya video u not nice dog somebody lied to u man.Dis battle was more dan alright dog.DId you hear what dis nigga said??? “Street mathmatician exact division/16 go in d 9/ subtract your existence/off da face of da earth/i get u placed in da dirt/i get u murdered while im saying dis verse/” Get da fuck out a here! lol dat nigga crazy. what else yall got of the boa?i think he would rip cassidy!

  6. Larry D. said

    yea the boy boa is nice.why he not on more dvds???da nigga definitely spits dat shit.NH is my man and i will even say dat balboa came to philly and ate dat nigga although NH is younger than BOA.But nah he wouldnt eat no Cass!nah cass got too much shit!

  7. Jasmin said

    Cassidy my homie. Hell naw he wouldn eat no Cass! shit he is nice though.I think he would eat Cyssero.

  8. Lastofadyingbreed said

    Sickest nigga in Jersey…not even based off this dvd…I’ve heard alot of shit from him…he sick.

  9. rapsmylife said

    he’s nice but i think heis dick ridin niggas was pummpin it up alittle and dats why da otha dude lost.

  10. Idothis4real said

    tha nigga is nigga is nice.all im saying is come to philly and battle a real nigga like cyss or jihad.dont think the nigga would last 2 rounds wit cyss infact i know he wouldnt.when we watched the dvd a while bac cyss said da nigga was nice but he aint fukin wit him

  11. Kabillionaire said

    i think it was tie

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  13. Sign in to Youtube to vote for on who you think won this battle!!!

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