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Madonna tops forbes list of top female music earners with $72million

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008


Madonna tops Forbes 1st ever ‘Top Earning Women in Music’ list. The list was compiled of money earned from June 2006 to June 2007.

Madonna banked a whopping $72 million between June 2006 and June 2007. She set the record for highest-grossing female artist by earning $260 million during her Confessions tour. Wow thats crazy cake. Barbara Streisand was #2 raking in $60 million from her comeback tour. Celine Dion grabbed the #3 spot earning $45 million. Shakira pulled in $38 million at the #4 spot. And our girl Beyonce snatched the #5 spot with $27 million and killed the endorsements with L’Oreal, American Express, and Samsung. Mariah Carey held down the #11 spot with $13 million.

To see the entire list visit click here.

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Jesse Jackson speaks about Obama and the possibility of a black president

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008

Jesse Jackson

Jesse Jackson spoke to Essence about the very close campaign battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and the major victory that Obama won in South Carolina and the power of the black voter’s voice. In South Carolina, the Democratic campaign took a negative turn with charges and countercharges of injecting race, yet the numbers are indicating that there was a record turnout. Clearly, South Carolina voters weren’t completely turned off by the tone of the race in the final days.

Reverend Jesse Jackson: They were inspired by it. They were inspired by it? Okay, that’s what I was going to ask you. To what do you attribute the record turnout?

J.J: We have the inspiration that Barack brings to the scene. Hillary, Bill—are well liked in many circles. Edwards is from South Carolina. You have an interesting combination of three people with appeal in that state. This is the first state beyond Iowa and New Hampshire where Blacks had a chance to express their vote in what has been a yearlong campaign. Blacks were courted by the media in ways that they seldom are, and those Blacks wound up being the critical difference in the election. As somebody who was born in South Carolina, what do you think about the way African-American voters were portrayed by the media leading up to the primary? For example, they started talking about the barbershop and the beauty shop vote. Do you have any problem with the way South Carolina voters were portrayed?

J.J: No. My concern is that while focusing on the color of the vote, they were not focusing on Black issues and substance. For example, student debt—I think student loans are like a billion dollars. The disparity between Black and White student loans is alarming. The great disparities in infant mortality and life expectancy—great disparities.The income disparity… The college enrollment disparities… The largest industry in that state is no longer cotton. It’s the jail-industrial complex. There’s 24 state prisons in South Carolina and only one state college, South Carolina State. So we are free, but not equal. We live in one America under one flag, but there are some structural inequalities. Stop focusing so much on the color of our vote and start focusing on the substance of our situation. Considering how much attention was given to the Black vote, do you think that African-Americans sufficiently stressed their demands with these candidates? Did we demand enough of them?

J.J: The civil rights agenda must always be kept out front: the civil right to equal opportunity. The civil right to health care, the civil right to adequate housing, the civil right to fair employment. There was this assumption that we’re all free now and it’s over. We’re all free, but we are not equal. Dr. King said that the next big chapter of our struggle was that we’ve won the battles of decency over barbarism, but equality? That was in the coming campaign. I’ve encountered many people who say we shouldn’t question Senator Obama about what he will do specifically for African-Americans, that we should just get him in the White House and then worry about specific issues. Should we be attempting to nail him down?

J.J: Every issue that came up, he addressed. The issue of affirmative action; he’s for affirmative action. The issue of jail or criminal disparities; he’s addressed that issue. The issue of should every vote count; he’s addressed that issue. I think in this setting, we really have to look at the common ground that includes our interests. For example, in South Carolina, 62 percent of the people who work don’t have health insurance. That affects everybody. The subprime crisis. It affects us disproportionately, but it affects everybody. The Iraq War affects everybody. In Iowa I was talking about family farmers. By the time we got to Chicago, I was talking about urban abandonment. I am about addressing the structural inequalities. The media has some responsibilities to ask the right questions. I’m sure you’ve heard the comments Senator Clinton made about Martin Luther King and the remark about Obama and a fairy tale.

J.J: I wrote an article urging both of them to stay away from those edges. For example, it was unfair to attack her on that basis [Senator Clinton stated that Dr. King did not act alone. She said that he needed a politician to get civil rights legislation enacted]. The reality is that that was not an insult to Dr. King. Dr. King campaigned for Lyndon Johnson. Because if Goldwater had won, we wouldn’t have had the Voting Rights Act of ’65. You need a combination of litigation, people like Thurgood Marshall, and demonstrations, [people like] Dr. King. And legislation, [people like] Lyndon Johnson. You need that combination. That was gotcha politics. On the other hand, trying to make Barack somehow a Reaganite also was wrong.

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Tracee Ellis Ross chillin with her dog

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008

Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross was spotted with her dog while waiting for her order. We love the curly do. Has she ever worn her hair straight?

Tracee Ellis Ross

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Mariah shopping in beverly hills

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008


Mariah Carey was spotted in Beverly Hills getting her shop on with her little dog that seems to go everywhere with her. Mariah is still looking good while flashing her cleavage. She can afford to shop anywhere she wants especially when she’s worth $225 million.


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Wyclef still talking dirty about Lauryn

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008

Lauryn Hill

Wyclef is at it again talking bad about Lauryn Hill….

Half of your face has red make-up, the other half green, and your hair is barely combed. How you gonna let people see you like that? Someone is pimping Lauryn right now. A true friend would say, ‘You have to check yourself into a psychiatrist,

Dag Clef what’s good with just rapping one on one to the sistah and extending a helping hand rather than just dirtin her name in the press.

Oh yea she’s expecting her 5th kid with Bob Marley’s son.


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‘Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins’ cast celebrates the premiere

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008


Martin Lawrence, Mo’Nique, Mike Epps, Ced, Michael Clarke Duncan, Boris Kodjoe his wife Nicole Ari Parker, Barry Bonds and more came out last night for the premiere of “Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins”. Martin, Ced, and Mo’Nique were on Oprah yesterday and Mo’Nique shared a moving story about how she met Oprah when she was a broadcaster on Baltimore TV and Mo was still a little girl and she told Oprah she wanted to be just like her and Oprah told her it will take a lot of hard work.

Martin and Mo’NiqueBoris Kodjoe and wifeMike Epps and wifeMartin Ced MikeCed and wifeTerry Crews and Mike EppsMartin and Barry BondsJoy Bryant and Mike EppsMartin Joy MichaelMartin

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Michael Jordan’s 10 hottest moves

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008

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old classic cassidy freestyle

Posted by Media Outrage on January 29, 2008


We found some old Cassidy footage of him spittin. Hot stuff when he was young and hungry. To get right to him he spits at the end so forward the video to about 3:03 and he starts killing it right there. And to hear more old classic Cassidy freestyles click here. And here.

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