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Rihanna Vs Beyonce??? stop the nonsense

Posted by Media Outrage on February 7, 2008


Ok we had to address this ridiculous nonstop comparison of Beyonce and Rihanna. We have received a lot of emails asking who we think is better? Are you even serious when you form your lips or send brain signals to your fingers to type some crazy nonsense like that??? We like Rihanna she is starting to come into her own but let us say THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COMPARISON AT ALL!!!

Beyonce can sing her behind off!!! Rihanna can’t!!! Beyonce has the looks department sowed up!!! Rihanna needs to eat some more. But just to even question their talent and then attempt to compare??? You must be NUTS!!! The media has started to really embrace Rihanna and she is enjoying her little blow up stage of fame and possibly turning into a superstar with STAYING POWER. Those last two words are what people need to pay attention to. Alicia Keys has it. Beyonce has it. RiRi has to still prove herself and not to mention get a damn voice coach quick!

So who’s a bigger superstar??? Come on we know Beyonce right now is the biggest female superstar besides Madonna and wack ass Britney Spears. Now if you people would have asked us to compare Ashanti and Rihanna then that would have been a more evenly matched debate and comparison, but you can’t dare compare a mega star like B who has not only the BEAUTY but also the TALENT TALENT TALENT TALENT to match. You name a girl in the game that can out sing her. Ok Jennifer Hudson is comparable but other than that vocal skills not even Alicia Keys can match up. Yes and we love Alicia but Beyonce has a better voice way more melodious. So our answer HELL NO RIHANNA IS NOT EVEN IN THE SAME COUNTRY AS B WHEN IT COMES TO TALENT, LOOKS, FANS, ENDORSEMENTS, ALBUM SALES, AND THE LIST COULD JUST KEEP ON GOING BUT like we said before we like Rihanna but the media is doing their best to turn her into the next something but unless she trades vocal cords with the likes of Jennifer Holiday, Mariah Carey, or a pre-crack Whitney Houston she and the rest of you RiRi daydreamers can Forget About It. But don’t take our word go to YouTube and check out a Beyonce live concert and then check out a Rihanna Live concert. SMH at the mere thought.

36 Responses to “Rihanna Vs Beyonce??? stop the nonsense”

  1. Larae718 said


  2. GO said

    Thank you! Someone needs to say it because I’m sick of it as well. Props to Rihanna for finding her own little style and finally having her breakout year but how dare people and try to compare her to Beyonce. Let’s be real.

  3. Orange_County said

    I’m sorry but Alicia Keys kills Beyonce vocally….

  4. Jaska said

    Yall better preach!! Say it again, bold it, make it big, put it on a damn BILLBOARD!

  5. Pretty Lil Dum Dum said

    @ #4- Alicia who? Beyonce ain’t called the ‘baddest b*tch in the game’ for no reason.

  6. Pretty Lil Dum Dum said

    oops I mean #3 😀

  7. Desiree said

    Yall are crazy!!! Beyonce can out sing Alicia Keys anyday!!! GThey are both good but Beyonce’s voice is way better please

  8. Lisa said

    Ugh! Alicia Keys is way more talented than that bitch. that bitch sells sex thats all. Can she play any instruments??? No just shake her fat ass…thats talented

  9. musicizmylife said

    Thank you for pointing it out! Rihanna can’t sing!!! at all! she’s not in B’s alicia hmmm??? they both good to me so they equal.

  10. fukdahaterz said


  11. Camille said

    Yall really on Beyonce’s nutz aint you??? She’s in the position shes in because of Jay Z and Her father who stole the shine from the rest of the group Destiny;s Child and put her wack ass as the star. So how is that being more talented than Alicia Keys??? Do you hear yourselves? Alicia plays the piano and writes all of her songs and doesn’t have to sell sex to be on top. And she has sold way more albums than Beyonce. so come on people.

  12. Malayshia B. said

    I like Beyonce also but she can’t talk for shit. I hate her damn interviews she looks like a fucking robot. And Jay z is cheatin on her dum ass.

  13. Felicia said

    Alicia Keys is way better than beyonce

  14. igetmoney said

    Rihanna sucks like ballz.Beyonce is a better singer than Akeys.Not that much betta but better.

  15. g4life said

    AKeys!!!!!!!!!!!Beats Beyonce

  16. Tiyanna said

    Ashanti and Rihanna cannot sing! Beyonce can saaaaaang!Alicia my girl and all but B got her beat wit da vocals

  17. Kenny said

    Please, think a little and see what moves arrowd. Beyonce is very beautiful and sing very good, but Rihanna is a new queen that sing better each day and are so beautiful like Beyonce and have more style and elegance. Reemember you Beyonce nintheen years old?!!! My god, a Rihanna shadows. And vocal competencies, Alicia is more better than Beyonce and Rihanna.

  18. sweetthang said

    thank you thank you thank you!!! Rihanna and Beyonce’s name should not even be used in the same sentence…Rihanna is talentless girl with a pretty face, Beyonce can truly sing, RiRi can’t, B can dance, once again RiRi can’t…I think RiRi is feeling herself just a little too much, I do like how she is loyal to her friends and I’m not saying she doesn’t have a look and style that people like, but when we’re talking about talent, Beyonce could sing circles around anyone in the industry right now, A. Keys, Ashanti (even though i like her), Fergie, Gwen Stefani and definitely Rihanna, anyone, you name it…Jennifer Hudson is a good singer, but she’s a lounge singer not an entertainer like B, B can be compared to Tina Turner, I saw her in concert about 7 years ago, she danced on that stage for literally three hours with 5 inch stilettos and never once was out of breath or tired, her first song was like the last song, B is the same way, she never gets tired and that girl can SANG!!! So thanks Media Outrage! you get a Five Star!! lol

  19. Shana said

    Personally I like both Beyonce and Rihanna. I don’t think you can compare the two b/c they both have different styles. You can’t take anything away from either one of them. Plus, why does it have to be a competition? Why can’t it just be that they are both talented and were blessed to be able to use their talents in the music industry which is already hard within itself. I think we should do more uplifting of them versus trying to pit them against each other. They both have had their shine and will continue to have it.

  20. ANONNY said


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  22. matt said

    BEYONCE >>> RihANNA..

    in everything.

    thakn u media outrage.

  23. Fredy said

    You can to tell what you whant, but is Rihanna that kill Beyonce. Sh´s hotter, sexier and have a very good voice. Beyonce don´t want to be second and make she taken way. Now, the titlle for new queen is between Rihanna, Mariah Carrie and Alicia. For the experience, voice and beautiful body, Mariah came back of the first place.

  24. 1coolazzchic said

    niggah huh? niggah who? beyonce has it hands down.n she is indeed. the baddest bitch in the game!!

  25. Random said

    Personally I’m not a fan of either…Lookswise..I find Beyonce to be more for their voices…I don’t think either one has a voice that blows anyone faras ‘record sales’ are concerned..Britney Spears (who can’t sing for shit) sold a shit load of albums..(in her NORMAL days)…but she’s still a talentless bitch (voice wise) going on record sales alone isn’t saying much..Americans will buy into any attractive bitch shaking her ass on stage..

  26. Delilah said

    All of yal is crazy! 1. Fact: Rihanna cant sing. Period. she can sing the pop and rock songs….i mean neway can!!!! 2. alicia keys can sang not sing but sang! but she aint no where near BEYONCE!!!! because of beyonce destiny’s child is the best selling female group of all time. ne way alicia keys voice i sgettig annoyyin as hell! noone sonds like she got somethin in ha damn throut and she is trippin! and its not that she sounds all that on the record its just the damn beat and lyrics not ha ass!!!!! 3. stop hatin beyonce is the best cuz trust at a point in time all yal haters were on beyonce clit! and dont deny it! she is sexy so she sells!!!SO!!!! RIHANNA is sexy and….yea… she sells!!!SOO!!! and dont eva say alicia has sold more than alicia cuz its neva gone happen!!!1

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  28. Jonhny said

    I love the voice of Beyonce and the beauty of Rihanna. Today, RiRi is in all radios, tv and newspapwers. She have make forguet the ex-queen Bey. But the most beautiful and the better voice is for ALICIA KEYS, without scandals and porno spage.

  29. Afreekah said

  30. chique said

    I vote Bey best in wig category

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