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Posted by Media Outrage on February 11, 2008

Usher and Tameka

Usher and wife Tameka looked to really be enjoying their night out at the Grammys. They’re new parents so we’re sure they probably value every minute they get to spend alone.

Usher and TamekaUsher and TamekaUsher and TamekaUsher and TamekaUsher and Tameka

4 Responses to “Lovebirds”

  1. sweetface471 said

    i love her dress but after that she and usher got dress and went to a after grammy party and she looked like she used to dress wayyyyyyyyyy off usher looked good and alway updated. she need to stay updress around usher if she wanted to stay young agian. lol

  2. tamika said

    She is not pretty enough for him, and she looks her age.(old) i am not usually one to slam on people, but WHY her? They probably would never have gotten married if not for the baby-which is sad.

  3. fran said

    lets not be so mean and harsh,which woman would have said no if wanted by a good looking rich guy like him?she is lucky and lets leave her alone he knows what he likes from her and whatever we say its not goin to change a thing

  4. Robocop said

    I hope she enjoys herpes

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