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Sanaa arrives to the NAACP Image Awards

Posted by Media Outrage on February 15, 2008

Sanaa Lathan

Sanaa Lathan was looking her usual elegant self. The dress is nice.

Sanaa LathanSanaa LathanSanaa LathanSanaa LathanSanaa LathanSanaa LathanSanaa Lathan

8 Responses to “Sanaa arrives to the NAACP Image Awards”

  1. sweetthang said

    beautiful! I love Sanaa

  2. Yasmine T. said

    Uh Oh!Mediaoutrage she said someone else besides her Idol (Beyonce) who she probably has a statue of looks beautiful!Sanaa is very pretty.SHe’s not the most naturally beautiful woman in hollywood like they keep saying but she is pretty.Halle Berry is naturally prettier than her and Lauren London doesn’t compare to either of them puleeez.

  3. sweetthang said

    you know what y-assmine. stop following me around you stupid bitch. you wish you looked like that. you midget mack looking bitch. your broke ass needs to stop logging into mediaoutrage and log onto career, so can get a real job and stop serving cheeseburgers on roller skates. log off that public library computer and fall back bird. say something else slut cuz my swagger is so crazy right now.

  4. Gerald said

    LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL WOW somebody got owned LOL LOL LOL in the comments lol lol. career lol lol midget mack lol. Yall should post that in a article Mediaoutrage! Yasmine T you got owned lol

  5. Yasmine T. said

    That was funny?You just proved your age foreal to be on a site cursing at someone you cannot even see.Now i doubt you act or talk like that in person because you know a ‘bitch’ as you called me would really mop the floor with you.But Im a grown woman little girl.Im just sick of seeing all of these BEyonce postings on this site. Is this a news media celebrity gossip site? Or a Beyonce, Sanaa Lathan fan site?Concreteloop, Bossip, Mediatakeout, SandraRose, PerezHilton and other sites don’t post nearly the amount of bullsh*t about that stank breath talentless jealous of Rihanna B.What about Jill Scott?Or India Irie?oh they don’t meet your lightskinned skinny straigh hair requirements media outragte?

  6. cakeaholic4life said

    LOL @ #3’s comment! LOL LOL LOL LMAO!

  7. sweetthang said

    oh pullleeezzz…you have no idea who I am or anything about me!! Don’t come on here sweetie if you don’t like what people have to say, and you still kill me with labeling me as a Beyonce stans!! LMAO to your comment saying lightskinned, skinny straight hair requirements, speaking to a natural sista who loves Jill and all the rest of them, I know talent…please stop following me around as I stated before you ignorant ass ho, i can speak ghetto, classy, all of the above, don’t make me go there again, i’m probably old enough to be your mother and you’re probably the one who is 15…you’re the one riding beyonce’s twat because you’re the only one talking about her you dumb ass, i really don’t want to go there again…why don’t you open your own blog dissing Beyonce and praising Jill and them since you have such a problem with mediaoutrage, but you’re on here following me around every damn day!!! goodness…grow up little girl and STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND

  8. sweetthang said

    oh yeah, i wish you could try and mop the floor wit me, you’re probably 4 feet tall and still in a training bra, please chick, please

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