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Kim Kardashian is enough to make a dying priest say gotdizzzaaayuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on February 20, 2008

Kim K

Kim Kardashian was in Beverly Hills shopping for one of the tapings of her show. It’s photos like these that make us ask….Can yall really blame Reggie for falling for her???

Kim KKim KKim K

10 Responses to “Kim Kardashian is enough to make a dying priest say gotdizzzaaayuuum!!!”

  1. […] Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. By these pics it appears as though Coco’s bubble is bigger than Kim Kardashian’s. Even at classy events like Oscar Parties where women are required to wear gowns Coco’s going […]

  2. Mr.StoneyCaldwell said


  3. Ms. E said

    She is famous for only one thing SEX! So, the media is always refering to her posterior (like it’s the biggest in the world)!

    All the women in my family (including me) have measurements that excel Kim’s 38-30-45! We all make Kim’s tush look like a pancake!

    Can we report on better things then this Broad’s assets!

  4. jeanine said

    I think they over rate kim. She is not all that. Look at pictures of her with no make-up. She looks below average. She is only considered a sex symbol. Her butt is not even that big.

  5. Jason said

    Finally someone who sees it exactly like i do.

  6. candy said

    why would they go crazy over fake boobs and a fake butt. they are inplants MEN.

  7. Max said

    im not gonna blame Reggie…and i love u haters especially girls hahaha. She’s too hot for sure! Look like god give a black ass to her…

  8. Now if this pic was the norm from K.K. I’m gonna have to aggree with Max…

    I just need a lil more consistancy.. (xscuse the spelling…)

    Still I say she bringz nothin else to the table… So she’s still just another chick from the lil mall I see every day…

  9. I love Kim Kardashdian and I think women admire her and men adore her. Great blog by the way!

  10. Joyce said

    Kim K is VERY beautiful.. She really doesn’t need curves she can get men from that alone. But i have to admit i sometimes think her “assets” are a bit artificial.. Saw her in a pair of pants once and it looked like she had a butt pad in.

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