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Deelishis explains what really happened with flav and stands up for her man

Posted by Media Outrage on February 21, 2008

Deelishis and her man

Deelishis and her manDeelishis and her manDeelishis

After the pics from her photo shoot with S2S magazine were made public, the outcry was that her man looks like he’s on the down low. She is denying those accusations hard. One thing we want to say is that Deelishis is very well spoken. Intelligent beautiful woman we love it.  Here’s what Deelishis had to say in a recent interview on Detroit radio Hot102 about the real deal with the Flav situation.

“First of all Flav and I haven’t been together since we were together, and what I mean by that is I tell my fans you know when I won, inevitably I lost, when it was time for him to renew his contract for his reality show they gave him the option to stick it out with D, or you can sign up for another season, and without even thinking twice my man was like ‘yo show me the check.’ The only disrespect I’ve found in it is that he didn’t come to me as a man. I’ve always heard women and people speak on his show like ‘I’m here for Flava Flav because he’s so real. So that’s what I was looking for him to be with me. He disappeared and changed his phone number so what was I supposed to do?

Alot of people would say well you got famous you got your jean line (D-Cut Jeans) and you got to do your movies, music, and all this other kind of stuff. Well thank GOD I was able to do that because if I walked away doing nothing then you would have really dogged me and said you did all of that and nothing came from it. So I thank GOD that when the opportunity came along for me to get into my own entrepreneurship, that I was smart enough, and equipped enough and I had something that I wanted to do and I took advantage of it. D-Cut’s the cut that will change that strut and give you that butt.”

Deelishis defends her man’s sexuality….

“Ain’t nothing homosexual about this dude right here.”

He chimed in with his corny sounding ass….

“Not this hood n*gga.”

Check out the interview on Detroit radio. Her down low brotha man speaks in the interview about the hate and this cat sounds like a fake soft T.I. wannabe. Oh yea she hints to a potential wedding between the two of them.We love Deelishis so we’re gonna stop hatin on dude. Listen for yourself.


5 Responses to “Deelishis explains what really happened with flav and stands up for her man”

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  2. CoCo said

    Of course you can never tell him a man is on the DL or not these days. They could go both ways, but still think or say that they are straight men. All we can do is pray that God shows us and we have to just be careful.

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