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Meet the richest man on the planet

Posted by Media Outrage on March 6, 2008

Warren Buffett

After 13 consecutive years of being on top, Bill Gates has finally been dethroned as the world’s richest man by his friend and investment guru Warren Buffett who owns Berkshire Hathaway. Bill Gates is worth $58 billion and Buffett has been on his heels for years now. Last year Buffett’s fortune was valued at $52 billion and has seen it surge $10 billion to a whopping $62 billion officially earning him the title of the richest man on the planet. Bill Gates falls to 3rd place behind Mexican Telecom Tycoon Carlos Slim Helu who has a net worth of $60 billion. Many speculate that Gates would still hold the title had Microsoft not offered a takeover bid against Yahoo! earlier this month. Microsoft’s stock fell %15 which affected his net worth.

3 Responses to “Meet the richest man on the planet”

  1. pedro said

    dame cualto tu maldita vida

  2. Gladysz said

    Great Post, Thank you for the info, it was much needed.

  3. pskyyy said

    Between Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, I can’t even imagine how far there combined worth would reach if you laid their dollars end to end. Wow!

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