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Baby momma says Mario Winans is a dead beat dad

Posted by Media Outrage on March 8, 2008

Mario Winans

Janel Bennett who is the mother of Mario Winans son, Jordan, is claiming that Mario has not paid her child support and as a result she was evicted from her home in Miami and now homeless living with friends on the South Side of Chicago working as a cocktail waitress.

Via Pagesix:

Janel Bennett, who was in an eight-year relationship with Winans before she had her son, Jordan, claims she was evicted from her home in Miami because Winans won’t pay child support. She told us she is “homeless and living with friends on the South Side of Chicago,” where she works as a cocktail waitress. In 2005, the Miami Herald reported, “A DNA test shows a ‘99.99 percent probability’ that Winans is the biological parent.” Documents filed in a Miami-Dade, Fla., court last Jan. 2 stated, “Mario Winans is obligated to pay Janel Bennett $4,500 per month due on the first of each month as child support.” Bennett told us, “He hasn’t paid me. I just wanted support, and I was on disability and Medicaid and welfare just to have the baby.” She said that after telling Winans she was pregnant, he disappeared from her life. Friends of Winans confirmed to Page Six that his current girlfriend, Joy — the mother of his toddler daughter, Sklyar — is known publicly as his “wife.” Bennett said, “Joy lives in a 16-bedroom mansion and her daughter wears mink coats and Seven jeans, and my son doesn’t have boots to wear in the winter.”

Mediaoutrage– So at $4,500 a month that’s $54,000 a year from child support. Interesting. SMH at Pagesix posting a picture of Baby instead of Mario Winans lmao!

48 Responses to “Baby momma says Mario Winans is a dead beat dad”

  1. what is wrong with people not taking care of their kids. I mean if you know that you are not going to take care or be there for the child why even stick your pee-wee in that hole for?!

  2. Lina M said

    The picture is no longer posted. He pays his lawyers, so why not just pay the child support along with your other monthly bills. Come on you know it’s yours, this embarrassment could’ve been prevented. Now his business is all in the streets.

  3. lina said

    look guys dont believe everything you read. mario has 3 kids mario steven and skylar. this girl is an industry groupie looking for a check. mario has been married over a decade and has a beautiful family. his wife is gorgeous and sweet and works with puffy and her husband. i know them and he takes very good care of his kids and family. these groupies will say and do anything for the spotlight.

  4. harlow said

    why would you blast your self in the media. mario is away touring in asia and doesnt even see this stupidness. take care of your kid slut

  5. JANICE said


  6. Lena said

    Guess what Lina I have all documents on mario versus janel and no she wasnt a groupie she had a relationship with mario and even has been to his St. Petersburgh home and that is where jordan was concived so maybe Mario has been lying to everyone including you. If you know him, remember a man will always lie to who he needs to when he is not happy with a situation like he has had with Joy.Oh by the way, guess what Mario saw his son for the first time in Miami when Jordan turned one year old. So maybe if you really know Mario and his family maybe you should ask him about how Janel and Mario really met and ask him about Yamashiros in hollywood. So please unless you know the facts dont add anything honey to a situation that was sour from the first time he lied to everyone.

  7. FallenStarNBabylon said

    I’m perplexed about a few things… Was it me or nowhere in her statement did this woman mention having a job/career. Why is that? What was your role other than being this dude’s side piece? I guess some people define “relationship” differently. If you don’t have your own money to have and take care of the children you bring into this world – head to the nearest clinic. That way, I (the tax payer) don’t have to pay for you to be on disability, medicaid and god damn welfare! I’m not saying that this jerk shouldn’t pay his fair share and be a productive and decent father/human being. I am saying however,child support is just that – support for the CHILD. It is Missthings responsibility to provide a roof over her childs head, then you can start to file those court papers. Don’t blame him because you were slack on your end. Stop looking at what everyone else has on or where they live. That’s what has your ass homeless now!

  8. Yolanda said

    I am so sad to see that this case had to get to this point. I have a sister who is a balif in the miami/dade courts.I can guarantee you that the Winans have had every opportunity to handle their business and take care of this child. They are in the 10th motion of contempt and Mario has not paid child support for over a year now-the judge has issued three warrants for Mario’s arrest.He refuses to show up- and comply with judges orders.The judge found him to be more than able to pay for support- if you heard them naming his expenses off his financial documents- you would be blown away! This guy lives like a rockstar- his expense reports include personal drivers,security,limosine rentals and exotic cars at $5,000 a weekend.Tables at the clubs bottle service- its amazing how he wont pay 4,500 a month for his child but he pays his brother $5000 a month as his spiritual advisor. His shopping expentures for jewelry and personal shopping trips(Bal Harbor as an example) he went in to a childrens store and spent 12,000 on clothes for children- it wasnt for Jordan!(skyler-his daughterand Steven her mother Joys son are well dressed and taken care of)Skyler goes to private school- has a nanny- has camp- has ballet- has music-swimming lessons- family vacations- her dog spike even lives and travels better than Marios son Jordan-mario does NOT have a son named steven- that is Joys son from her previous marriage- Mario is not married and he is never home with her except when he is in new york where he plays house in Jersey and its to be with his daughter.Mario is not a family man-anyone with 1/2 a brain can see that-
    Mario even appologised on Joys behalf to the judge and explained he has had problems with her and he said he was no longer dating her and never married her nor intended too.It was just complicated because of their daughter Skyler.The judge even warned him about being in a relationship with a person that does not allow you to see your other children. Wether you are in the relationship with the mother or not- you still have to have a relationship with ALL your children. Janel was the one that lived in a 6 bedroom home in the hollywood hills- I read she was misquoted and their was a typo and mix up in statements- because Janel was living very well at the time she met Mario back in 1997.So Janel and Mario had been dating before he started up with Joy- as a matter of fact Janel stated that they split when he told her he was having a baby – but, they reunited just after the baby was born-Janel even has baby pictures of both Skyler and mario jr. (his first son in Atlanta)That Mario gave her and she had them up in her house. This is a simple case of a man trying to hold down a few families!
    I was there in the courtroom- I heard the testimonies and the judge even made a comment to them during court to just get back together because it was obvious they still loved each other.They even left together -we all exited out of the courtroom-there is only one way out- and he had the baby and they left together.I sat in a few of the proceedings and watched and listened because I have been a longtime fan of the Winans and love Ce Ce. Still do Ce Ce but, I’m quite disturbed by the obvious. I was drawn to this site to see what was said and I had to reply especially after reading just the past few comments- If you do a little research and are not so quick to jump to conclusions about this girl you will see she and that baby are being done WRONG!Janel had a carrer- she worked for “Puffy” for his label Sean John as a stylist/fashion coordinator. She also has some works published. She writes,sings-I believe she even has her own label with artists and although I’ll admit I dont know all the facts I do know what I heard and watched with my own eyes and of course this being the Winans its the talk amongst the balifs and judges administration.She was in a near fatal car accident in 2002 while working for Puffy! She was on the job and driving her own car(which was beyond repiar)She was an inpatient at a rehabilitation center she was in a coma and really had a tough time through therapy and surgerys she is lucky to be alive!This is when Mario and her started up again with eachother-he even made a comment to the effect of he tried to find her when he heard of the accident- no one told him what hospital and puffy told him she was just fine.They were on and off -given the long distanceand their tedious schedules for 8 yrs- and he flew her to his home in Fl. Jordan was concieved and she moved to miami to have the baby and with the help of her attorney Daniel Kaplan they seeked for justice after he dissapeared when she told him they were going to have a a baby.Through these past 2 years this case has been a circus- numerous court proceedings due to Marios non appearances and he also went through three attorneys that quit.Janel was awarded a permanent restraining order against Joy- and I heard the evidence presented! I heard the testimony of the detective from the police that was assigned the case- I heard the recordings of this crazy woman screaming offensive and racial slurs against Janel and Jordan. She even went as far to call the baby a white demon.The calls and numbers were traced to Joy- to make it worse Vickie(his mother) retained an attorney last year AFTER mario and Janel supposedly resolved things- and he agreed to pay what the judge orderd and helped her lease a car(of course leased it in her name -then pulled out of making the payments so it was repoed just recently so it has affected her credit)Vickie and her attorney friend attempted to file a modification of support and were DENIED.The last hearing was Jan.2,2008 and the judge issued another warrant and said she wants Mario in front of her face to explain to her himself why he feels he can have children and not support them- especially while he enables one (and one thats NOT his) and then disable another. She wants him to explain why he feels the law does not apply to him.Its all public record- its obvious this girl tried to resolve this and it got her nowhere but,atleast she is still going strong-she was on dissability from her accident so thats why she was on medicaid to have the baby she was on workmans comp with Sean John- not her primary insurance- Mario dissapeared so she did what she had to do-I give the girl alot of credit-especially after he flew her up to detroit and sweet talked her and made her believe he had come around it was a big commical relief through out the courtroom the time he was there because Janel blurted out to him something about him sneaking in her room with his own key in the middle of the night and getting in her bed- he was obviously embarresed and blushed- I think what I find the saddest is these two; dispite all this commotion seem to really have a special fire to them- they shine and its unfortunate that Mario allowed all the outside influences to keep him from his son. They are the loosers in the end because a child is the sweetest gift GOD can bring. I pray the Lord allows all the truth to get out- then maybe after its all out- they can move in the direction that will do whats best for ALL the children involved.”Truth is like oil in water- eventually it will come to the surface”

  9. sharina said

    if the judge ordered it- he needs to pay- they dont just throw out random numbers. why in all of the articles i read from Vickie she doesnt mention Jordan? she is only proud of her black grandchildren? whats really going on here. Mario has not paid for over a year? the babys mom was on dissability from that car accident so with a new baby and given her situation at the time- if he hasnt been helping her out then shes the one who has been with the child and providing for him so where is the other responsible parties? Vickie -you must be really proud at the way your son has turned out- but,yu are to blame because you could have prevented this and reached out a hand- not kicked her when she was down and when she has your grandchild you should tell Mario to grow up and act like a real man and find JESUS- this girl who calls herself the wife brings out the worst in him- what kind of woman stands by a man that doesnt support his children- baby mama drama- but, this is our younger generation i hate to say it- but i am just as guilty we black woman cant stand to see our men with white woman but, its deep in our roots- we need to break the cycle- he needs to do his baby right

  10. droc said

    did janel mention she used to f with puffy??? did we say that?? did we say if mario got with her it was after puff dumped the slut.did we mention she was on drugs?? did we mention she wasnt invited to any home of his at all she STALKED him! did we forget to mention that she stalked and harasses his wife for a year!! did we forget to mention the slut was married when she was running around trying to trap niggas with a dam kid!! marios mom has nothing to do with this mes?? why would she want too?? if some crazy white girl was stalking my son and his family and trying to drain him dry and trying to smear thier family name (not her kids name mario never signed any papers at all) why on earth would she kiss this trash girls ass!! i promise this was the wrong move for this dinbat! you will prob never see this cat except in court!! tell the kid to chk its daddy at 18!! cause if it was me id never speak to your stinkin ass again! you know me and i know you! you are a nut job! stop worrying about what that man and his family gt and are doing. that aint u and it never will be! mind your business and stay in your lane tramp! yolanda – whoooo carrreessss – get a life and tell your tramp ass friend to keep her legs closed!! go tak ecare of her 2 kids and husband!! mario is taking care of his!

  11. droc said

    yolanda!! lol thats the dumb girl janel!that whole book you wrote up there is a dam lie!lol

  12. atl said

    he has a son in atlanta too… mario jr. he takes care of him, no prob. he takes care of his daughter and other son…no prob..this story sounds shady..this “new baby mama” sounds like a scorned ho with an attitude. you said yourself he was paying and just stopped..what was the reason? were you forcing him into something without giving him a say..hmmmm sounds like it. if his current woman that he himself said he has been with over ten yrs (read it in hip hop weekly darling) is so crazy i would be too if you had sex with my man and tried to get pregnant. i would say thats grounds for wanting to kill this chick..and his ass. who is he with now? who does he want to be with? just asking??

  13. atl said

    one more question why did his dumb ass lease her a car? he didnt have to do that..and you smearing suck jordan mommy..i think YOU are the problem! what was your ass driving before you tried to trap him? where were you living before your tried to trap him?????
    just asking….

  14. mac said

    Ha this is so funny to see how people are so foolish to make comments or give opinons on some business they dont know nothing about..I read the girl was in the mansion – not Joy and she drove a mercedes and worked with the president- and then puff- and hes who introduced them- read dummy whoever was talkin about mario leasing her a car…if he truly wanted to be with whoever this one is on here blogging trying so hard to convince herself that she has something real then why was her “man” opening up this ex wife of his Janelles legs
    ! if you had him and he was or is your “man” then he would have been home with you not making a baby with someone he met before you…dont hate just understand sweetheart YOU WILL NEVER BE HER!!!!

  15. anthony said

    sorry couldnt find anything on a joy just janel– she’s probably just pissed cuz she cant google her own name and the only reason why anyone knows her name is cuz of janelle- so dont hate appreciatte… fyi for yall saw it on vibe – this ex wife of Marios he had the baby with he is not married it was on vibe- they said the search for a marriage certificate came up and Mario is not married-the only documents that show he was married are connected to Jordans mom so this looks like its just a lovers quarrel.

  16. Laquish said

    His son here in the ATL is not ok. He barely sees lil Mario and his momma has taken him to the courts as well. They made her sign a gag agreement and thats why Yall havent heard about it. That witch he had the lil girl with caught him up and has been pysco ever since. My friend was at dinner with a few of them once and when she called him he made everyone shush so she wouldnt hear us. He told us after hangin up she was crazy and appologized.So whatever rumors are that he is married and holding down some home front with kids is not true.Its no wonder this one here is now having problems.

  17. U wish u knew said

    PLEASE – I know the truth! Mario was with Janel first.Joy was the one that trapped him. Ask her to prove the dna on that baby shes got Mario believeing is his. Poor guy is in for a rude awakening- She has been around the way and its all under my man Puffs roof! Mario aint home with three kids- he is never home and he is not married!!!!
    Joy wants it so bad but she needs to get a clue -shes on here trying to convince herself and all you shes been holding the wifey title for 11 years but he hasnt married her and never will. He pays her bills and rumor has it puff paid her and keeps her hand greased.She knows she aint got nothing on Janele and what ever do do was asking what car she drove- which one you want to know about? She had a prche,2 benzos, escalade and hummer and she lived in three houses dummy- she has her own money- this is all probably to get people talking theres no way shes serving cocktails but it sure is known shes been serving Mario and he just cant seem to get enough and now a baby is the outcome.I heard she was pregnant again and yes of course its his/ FYI have you seen that huge diamond encrusted cross he wears? check it- she had that made for him and he had her a special piece made too everyone from the get was jealous of them and I know Puff thought he could get her so when she dissed him and went for the broke, no name producer he flipped and ever since he has had Mario under his thumb and then when she got in that car accident he left her to get up on her own so he probably never expected for all this to turn up-but she still works for him-shes locked in cause they are business parters. Puffy is a scorpio he makes it a point to “get “and punish anyone he feels has crossed him. He acts like hes your friend but watch your back he has payback on his mind!Mario if your really not taking care of things with this baby thats a damn shame but, I know the media sometimes get things twisted anyone that doesnt know these two need to keep to themselves if you dont know the facts and really who he is with is no bodys business.

  18. ashley said

    This is such a joke. it seems like this girl with the “supposed” love child (use the word love very loosely) is having a bunch of conversations with herself. if he wants her so bad why is he not with her and this kid of hers. where is he??? i doubt this fellow would ever touch this crazy woman ith a 10 foot pole! runnnnnn mario runnnn. lol

  19. renee said

    Mario and his wife or whoever she is looked happy together at Puffs bash in LA in the pics in the web. Is that his wife? they look good together. is she latin, probably. why these cats have kids they dont want. wrap it up next time! who wrote the book above daaaaammmmmm. someone has wayyyyyy to much time on their hands. bye

  20. kennith said

    Y they were all there, pictures of the baby and Mario and Janel and Joy.There was just Jordan though didnt see other kids. Puff was there to with kim and kids and he said they werent together or lovers they were just all friends.
    His wife? thats some family,they look alike shes to old to be with him and shes black please besides he did a interview and said he wasnt dating anyone diddy also so who knows who cares. These men have been in n out of many womans beds. You can NEVER change the stripes on a zebra and we all know a dog just keeps on learning and practicing his NEW tricks until he is put down from catching rabies- so wrap it up! And for you stupid girls that want so bad for themselves to be the only one WAKE UP!!!!
    All that matters is the kids the article is clear the man does not support the child. ignorants on here trying to say he is a good father and a family man need to stop trying to convince themsevles and others that he is!

  21. tanisha said

    I agree. Why anyone would want to be with a man that doesnt support his kids-mistake or not- the baby was made and it takes two! God works in mysterious ways and a child is from god period.
    I saw it also tmz was following Jannelle asking her questions why she wouldnt talk I dont know but she had that black phantom and she had security with her and the baby so she cant be having that hard of a time. Maybe now that the truth got out he finanlly saw what a shit he was being and decided to man up and start taking care of his.You know how the media can be no one really knows the truth except them and really who cares? I think the whole point was to reviel the skeletons and him not paying support was wrong and good for her -I’d do the same thing-expose them jiggas and bring their dirty out the closets and see how they turn around real quick! It was good though to see they were all there as friends. That baby is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen! He looks just like Mario! He needs to be in commercials! I just pray they can all stay friends

  22. beach chick said

    Well, like the saying goes, “when you lay down with a dog you wake up with fleas”! When a woman gets with a man and she knows his situation she has to deal with the consequences of her decisions. As women, we always think that we can possibly be that special one to change him or maybe even be special enough to make a man leave his family and it always backfires and as women we are left holding the bag and cleaning up the mess. Now if she had no idea of him having a family then it makes the situation different but most of the time we know better and yet we go forward anyway. This goes the same for women who meet men and they know that these men are not supporting their children, but here we go getting pregnant from him anyway and then we get mad when he does the same thing to us. Why? Because we always think that we are different. A man will only do to us the things that we allow. We have to look past the material goods and the money that a man has and look at his character. If he is willing to cheat on his wife with you, someone he barely knows, then what makes you so special. If he does not support the children he has then what will make you or your child any different. Same shit different women!!! Think ladies, think!

  23. QUEEN B said

    I read about all of them in GOD CHRONICLES!!!!!
    WOW!!!!! what an amazing chain of events- its like GODS super stars in the reality show of them all- except they are all playing out there parts!!! Right when you think you got GOD figured out HE comes in and slaps you upside the head to reviel the REAL! GODS superstar elect- his remnant- there is supposed to be 144,000 of them worlwide!
    IN the bible it says ,in HABAKUK, “For I shall do a work in your days that though ye be told ,you will still not believe!” I heard the Clintons were just there as well to start promoting the book tour! I cant wait!!!!!!

  24. ashley said

    did anyone see te pics of mario and hi wife at pdiddy hollywood event. he looked liked he loved her to me. alleyes were on the two of them. beautiful couple, haters

  25. laquisha said

    wife? they had an article he is not married!!! besides who cares! old news! the only pics we saw were diddy laying on the sidewalk – n kim with all the kids and mario and janeele and the baby- so cute a mini mario and all the bad boy crew- its nice to see they all worked it out for the kids! that god chronicles stuff is amazing – I just ordered the books! wow!!! it really is something- they are talking bout it at my church! Noel Jones is my pastor and chris tucker and his wife and denzel and Paula (his wife) also were talking about it a couple weeks ago and saying god was truly at work! blessings

  26. kendra said

    I agree!! who cares if hes married or not . Who he is with or if he looks in love! how stupid and shallow! this whole thing should be about him doing his kids right all of them should be treated eaqually and besides if he was with this girl from way back in the day right when he got signed by bad boy when he had nothing and obviously if he was making a baby with her 8 yrs later they had something going on – i’ve never heard of no jump off lasting 8 years and he said it himself that he wasnt married ! I saw that clip and he said he loved all his kids and they all are friends and they worked it out so thats all that should matter. i am happy for them .
    The article said that, that girl was only known publicly as his wife – alot of these guys call their girl “wifey” but he said in an interview he has never been married and that photo of that girl he was with wasnt sporting a ring just a real bad boob job! That couldnt have been his girl though cuz she was old.probably was a family member. Mario seems like the type that if he had a wife- everyone would know it!all his music is sad and its all about pain… maybe he needs to stop running around with all these girls and really settle down and then he might have some inspiration! but thats just me- just glad to hear it and see they all worked it out! children are gifts from god… speaking of which- i am ordering my book asap I heard Oprah talking bout that on after the show! Wow is all I can say! I cant wait to read it!!! has anyone gone up there and seen that rock? they say it has the face of moses, elijah and Jesus! interestingly the face of jesus is the same face on the jesus piece biggie used to wear and biggie is in th ebook, puff, mario ,lots of people this is a much better subject to blog about anyways- the other drama is really stupid – lol- there are much more better things to talk about than who Mario winans is seeing-lol- ohhhhhh but you dont hear me though!!!! I’m heading for the nearest barnes n nobles to order my book!!!!

  27. G Man said

    You are all crazy and gossip mungers. Mario’s Business is his and his alone. I know his family well. Mario is a great and caring father. He is a family man, I know, our kids play together. Joy is beautiful and grounds Mario. He knows that. Its nobodies business weather or not they are married. Mario likes his privacy. Do not detract away from his qualities as a father, family man, and “husband” or “Partner” or “Significant other” whichever you the gossip mungers so choose to label Joy and Mario.

    It sounds like a money thing. In the end all will be well.

    See ya

    FYI: no hummers, no benzes, no 16 room mansions, only two family size SUV’s.

    But, if you all want to think he lives like a rockstar, this too is good for his image and will lead to more record sales.

  28. marie said

    Fab party he threw for his wifes bday in nyc!!

  29. marie said

    they are a cute couple! they look good together.

  30. lindawestlake said

    I looked up “that book” you guys are talking about and those people are using the name of god in a cult related way! I suggest veryone stay away!! dont get that book, unless you arent scared to dable on the “other side”

    sad… crazy people

  31. kendra said

    we looked it up too…. these people are cult related. how could mario winans have anything at all to do with these people? scary, baby is a lil cult baby. eeekkkkkk

  32. to mr G man said

    or should we say ms? lol sounds like someeeeeeeeeeeeeeen body is tying so hard to keep it on the table that this girl joy grounds him? I think the answer is in the fact he just had a baby with someone else- if she kept him so grounded sweetheart he wouldnt be out spreading his wings n other womans legs!
    give it up and realize this aint about mario s woman or girls he has on lock or if they are pretty or not- who cares about any of it- people get a life and move on! this is soooooo stupid- no one cares about him- his music is sad and depressing and all about pain anyways- if anything he is all caught up in that bad boy cult! if he was with a woman that he loved and cherished and respected and treasured he would be singing love songs and would be home with his wife and family! Not singing depressing shit about pain and I dont wanna know and out sleeping around and having babies with other woman -PLEASE!
    lets talk about some real artists and musicians!

  33. lena said

    he is an awesome producer and artist. sounds like he better stay with his family and watch out for the sneaky hoes. dont get caught in the hype mr winans. you are to good for it. beware of the tricky bitches. you should know better. dont make the same mistake twice.

  34. jimmy said

    just because someone has sex with you doesnt mean he wants you to have his kid. maybe if this clown didnttry to trap the man she wouldnt be cryin to the media making a fool of herself and her kid!

  35. Janel JORDANS mom said

    Are you still obsessing over me on here Joy?
    just cant get me out your head huh?
    Well get used to it!!!
    I have that effect on people LOL!!!!
    Just ask Mario!! no need though- the fact Jordan is here is proof enough!!!!
    Why dont you get a hobby- a job – something- anything!!!
    put all your energy and time into something worth while and rewarding – like your kids! Rather than spending all your time obsessing and making all these foolish comments on the internet! Why dont you try telling the TRUTH and quit trying to convince yourself and others that you and Mario are married and are holding down a happy home! He never married you!!! he had a baby with you ! AND YOU GOT PREGNANT WHEN HE WAS WITH ME!!! so your no better than I!!!

    It was ME before you ever came along and TRAPPED him! all this is just playing out and you know what they say bout what goes around comes around!@!! what are you so threatned by me for? If things are going so great than why are you sooo worried and desperate to make me out to be such a gold digging trick?

    You cant loose something that wasnt yours to begin with!!
    You have the spirit of the devil working amongst and in you -especially if you are comfortable sleeping at night while you are threatning me and Mario’s son! Calling him a white demon?
    Please!! read your bible and pray sweetheart! you should be ashamed!
    What are you soooo afraid of a baby for???
    I told you once and I will tell you for the last time- I never knew about you! I only knew about Skyler! Mario and I had better things to do than to talk details bout his babys mama!!!
    Children are gifts from GOD and You need to get a grip with the fact that Jordan n I are not goin anywhere!!!
    Mario and I have way been past all that went down- we are doing what is best for ALL his children!!! He is in Jordans life, and proud of him! So stop saying he dont want him-
    Mario will be what GOD calls and commands him to be!!! not what any female is going to manipulate and try to threaten and control over his head!
    A MAN OF GOD does whats correct- P E R I O D!!!!!!
    I suggest you grow up and accept the circumstances and understand that Mario and I were friends before you were in the picture and we will always be friends!
    He should not have to feel guilty or shameful because of past mistakes- he should be able to love ALL his children freely and openly and have his TRUE friends support him in whatever decisions he makes with his life!
    GODS number 1 commandment is to
    LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so in JESUS name- I love you Joy, I love you ALL!!!
    Its all good though I forgive you!

  36. kimmy said

    this chic is an absolute nut job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. kimmy said

    wowwww this janel girls needs some serious therapy and mario and his family should runnnnnnnnnn lolllllll

  38. tone said

    wowwww!!! this is my man. he never mentioned this janel chic but I sure hope this is a joke or groupie gone bad. I DO know that Mario has 3 kids and spends a lot of time with them and is very far from a deadbeat dad! his wife is crazy cool and they love the shit out each other. whatever else yall are reading is trash.

  39. tone said

    i was out with them celebrating his bday at a huge party his wife gave him same time this crazy one up there was writing a book trying to get noticed!! i want to show my man this page but wouldnt even waste his time. shame these bitches try to take a brotha out. wack ass hoes

  40. tone said

    lollllwaittttttt!!! im reading this crazy mess is this bitch a white bitch????? awww hell nahhhh lolllllllllllllll

  41. tone said

    a white demon im laughing my ass off!! these bitches are so funny. the mama sounds like a demon. now I knowwwww this is bs -mario def dont know ths crazy chic

  42. cupcakestl said

    Reading this mess just blow my millenium.

    Almost the sickest ish i have ever heard.

  43. womanofgod said

    this is so sad. this woman ms bennett claims she is so godly and whatever but she still had sex with SOMEONES HUSBAND … there is no justifying it honey! you make your bed now you lay in it ALONE! then she exploits the winans family and her kid..pathetic! she needs to hope the winans forgive her self made mess and the fact she tried to publicly trash the family. (which the family is too strong to even be moved by this junk) sad sad sad

  44. ada said

    Why is this even up for discussion he is married! she should leave another womans husband alone! he obviously wants nothing to do with her at all or this story wouldnt exist. these whores should really think about what they do before hand… you made your bed now lay in it. ALONE

  45. friendinflorida said

    This man is very very married and stays in florida and nyc with his WIFE they have 3 kids together and one on the way. i really doubt his wife is even thinking about a random groupie who may or may not of had a baby (mistake). im sure the “winans family” will not let this psyco and her supposed kid get in the way of their happiness.they are beautiful people and readers plsssss dont believe everything you read..these are very good people. i know them

  46. lowridaz said


  47. lowridaz said

    Sounds like a Soap Opera you guys are watching!

  48. Kam said

    How about get a job and provide for your child. She needs to accept responsibility and be Mom instead of chasing a dude thru the media who obviously has no interest in either of them.

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