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Deelishis back shot

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008


It’s been a while and we know how some of you love deelishis. We’re feeling the pants but honestley she could rock a trash bag and still look good. She needs to donate some of that ass away to some of our less fortunate women cause she has more than enough, and it would probably grow back anyway. But D is looking good. We still want to know when she’s getting her own VH1 show, the ratings would be through the roof believe that.

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NBC’s mad at Mariah Carey

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008

Mariah Carey

It seems that Mariah is definitely a big deal to the networks. Mariah supposedly was to perform on NBC’s the “Today” show in promotion of her upcoming album “E=MC2” but instead is going on arch rival ABC’s “Good Morning America”.

Via Pagesix:

Music-industry insiders and network sources say NBC is furious with Mariah Carey, her manager Benny Medina and her reps at Def Jam, because they promised Carey would perform on “Today” to promote her new album, “E=MC2” — but instead she’s going on archrival ABC’s “Good

Morning America.” One music insider told Page Six, “Every morning show wanted Mariah on for her new album, so Benny started negotiating. He demanded that ‘Today’ promote her fragrance and also give her a guest-star role on ‘My Name is Earl.’ They agreed.” But her “My Name Is Earl” part, which was to coincide with the album release, was put off when it was decided the album needed work. “It was supposed to come out in November, then it was pushed back until February, and now the release date is April 15,” said our source. “The entire time, Benny told ‘Today’ it would get Mariah for its concert series on Rockefeller Plaza. But then he stopped returning calls. Turns out, he had done a side deal behind everyone’s back with ‘Good Morning America’ — after NBC had agreed to all of his demands. Medina, the inspiration for “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” told us: “We want to do something really spectacular for Mariah’s album debut. I don’t want ‘Today’ to feel disrespected by me trying to do right by my client. But when we went on ‘GMA’ [two years ago], they closed down Times Square. It got great ratings and was a big success.” And Medina denies he ever promised “Today” that Carey would give a concert on Rockefeller Plaza. “If they can show me an e-mail from anyone committing to the concert, I will personally pay for the entire production myself,” he said. Laura Swanson, Carey’s rep at Def Jam, said the outdoor plaza wasn’t big enough for a concert, “thus, they’re unable to meet our needs for a spectacular launch event.” No one would divulge where Carey’s mid-April concert for “GMA” would be held. Megan Kopf, a rep for “Today,” said, “Mariah has been a guest on ‘Today’ several times since the start of her career. We would certainly like to have her back on ‘Today.’ “

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LL debuts clothing line ‘Todd Smith’ at Macy’s

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008


L.L. debuted his new clothing line ‘Todd Smith’ at Macy’s Fox Hills in Culver City CA yesterday. A lot of fans showed up to see L.L.



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Kimora is pregnant

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008

Kimora and Djimon

Kimora Lee Simmons is pregnant with boyfriend Djimon Hounsou’s baby. Word is that she has been trying to get pregnant with his child for a while now so congrats to the both of them.

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J.Lo doesn’t want to be called J.Lo anymore

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008

J Lo

For a $6million check Jennifer Lopez agreed to provide People Magazine with the first shots of her twins but according to TMZ she demanded that People not refer to her as J.Lo during the article and allow husband Marc Anthony to take the photos. Reps for People say that her demanding not to be called J-Lo “is absurd”.

We can understand her not wanting to be called by that moniker. She’s a mother now and probably just wants to get her grown woman on.

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Goldman Sachs CEO gets $100million payday

Posted by Media Outrage on March 9, 2008

Lloyd Blankfein

This is bananas.

Via Nypost:

It pays to be king of the Street.

Goldman Sachs is awarding a whopping $100 million payday to its chief, Lloyd Blankfein – for making a big killing while the rest of Wall Street’s banks got clobbered by their wrong-way bets.

It’s the second year in a row that Blankfein, 53, has won the paycheck derby as Wall Street’s highest-paid chief – nearly doubling his prior year’s $54.7 million compensation, also an industry record.

In December, Goldman said in an SEC filing that Blankfein would be awarded $67.9 million. But a Reuters review of regulatory documents filed yesterday found that his pay package jumped significantly thanks to the vesting of stock.

His pay package for 2007 breaks into two huge parts: basic pay and bonuses totaling $53.97 million and another $45.76 million windfall from the vesting of stock, according to the filings.

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