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Beyonce on set

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


Beyonce was spotted coming out of her trailer on the set of her newest movie Cadillac Records in which she portrays legendary singer Etta James. This will be interesting to see how well she portrays Etta James. The wig is hilarious. Bey has quite a few movies under her belt now and looks like she might really make a run at a legitimate acting career.


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News reporter accidentally says ‘blow job’ while talking bout J-Lo

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008

We know what this guy had on his mind.

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Game does 8 days

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


The Game was released from Twin Towers Correctional Facility after serving just 8 days of his 60 day sentence for pleading no contest to a felony charge of possession of a firearm in a school zone. Having a little bit of money and a good lawyer goes a long way.

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Beyonce ducks the paparazzi

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


Beyonce was spotted leaving the Waverly Inn this weekend in NY. She’s clearly ducking the paparazzi something Michelle and Kelly don’t have to worry about.


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Tailor Made says relationship will last

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008

Tailor Made and New York

Tailor Made tells People that he’s confidant that his relationship with Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard will survive her moving to LA for her new reality show New York Goes To Hollywood in which she’ll pursue an acting career.

Last week, VH1 said in a statement that “in order to focus on her new mission, New York has to put her last conquest, Tailor Made, on the back burner as she tries to take on Tinsel Town.”

Not so, says Weisgerber. “Tiffany and I are very happy together. We will make this work.”

Weisberger is staying in New York because of his job as an exec with fashion guru Mark Ecko and his 12-year-old daughter, Asia. “I have so much respect for Tiffany and support her career. She is very talented and has a great future as an actress.”

His independence is one of the things that drew Pollard to him, he says. “One of the reasons I appealed to her so much is that, unlike a lot of the other guys on the show, I am independent and self-motivated and I have a career and won’t be riding on her coattails.”

Plus, he adds: “I’ll visit her as much as I can.”

Mediaoutrage– If she has to make a choice between acting career or him, trust and believe that he won’t get a second thought.

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Meagan Good and Idris Elba to star in Supernatural thriller

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008

Meagan GoodIdris Elba

Idris Elba and Meagan Good have both signed on to star in a supernatural thriller entitled ‘Unborn’.

Via Blackvoices:

This is a tale of a girl (Yustman) tormented by the soul of a boy who died in the Holocaust.

Good (‘The Love Guru’) will play the girl’s best friend, and Gugino (“Spy Kids”) has been cast as her mother. Alexander will play a Holocaust survivor whose brother’s spirit is returning.

Elba (‘American Gangster’) will play a priest who helps Rabbi Oldman perform exorcisms.

Mediaoutrage– Idris Elba is definitely keeping busy in Hollywood which is a good thing for any brotha, especially since he just signed on to star in ‘Obsessed’ with Beyonce.

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Raven Symone speaks about her success

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


Raven Symone had some things to say concerning her success.

“I am really into the business. I’m into the meetings and creating things from top to bottom, working on the script with writers. I love signing off on that deal.”

On needing people…. 

“I think it’s very closed-minded [to] not utilize other people’s power to further your life.”

She’s not a gossip girl at all and refuses to follow industry dish. She does, however, admit to obsessively reading Web sites that trash her.

“It has thickened my skin. It makes me know that not everybody likes me and I am not the center of the universe. It keeps me knowing that I have to strive [to be] better and win them over. And if I don’t, oh well. Too bad. I can’t.”

On not slowing down…. 

“Only you can pigeonhole yourself. I’m sorry, I really do believe that. Everything that I have done so far has done nothing but great things for me.”

That’s what’s up Raven you get that money and continue building an empire and doing everything you can to avoid ending up like this.


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$12Billion a month

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


The war in Iraq is costing the U.S. $12 billion a month according to estimates by industry analyst. We have been at war since 2002. By 2017 analyst say we will have spent over $5 trillion on war efforts. SMH at those figures and people thinking that we shouldn’t bring home the troops. Like Tupac said “they got money for wars/but can’t feed the poor.” To read more and get the total numbers of tax-payer dollars we’re flushing down the toilet click here.

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Rihanna performs in london

Posted by Media Outrage on March 10, 2008


Rihanna performed in London at the 02 Arena a few days ago in her usual concert get-up. She might not have too much of a butt, but she’s sure got some beautiful thighs.


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