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Sheek Louch’s album release party

Posted by Media Outrage on March 21, 2008


Sheek Louch, Jada, Styles, Funk Master Flex, Jim Jones, and some interesting chicks came out to SOFA lounge in NY last night for Sheek Louch’s ‘Silver Back Gorilla’ album release party that will probably sell a total of 15,000 records. It’s ashame the Lox never really did big numbers especially since they’re nice.

Jim JonesSheekShannon Simpson and JadaChickStyles and Flex

To see more pics

Jim JonesChickChickSheek and JadaJim Jones and Jada

ChickChickThe LoxSheek and Jada

One Response to “Sheek Louch’s album release party”

  1. Monica said

    What kind of party was this? First, do these guys call themselves ballers? I don’t know why! The stripper was pulling in one dollar bills. Now, don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t much to look at but I am a female who is strictly d**kly. So maybe I just don’t see what the guys see.

    Anyway! And what is up with the chick with the half-body tattoo? She was B-R-A-V-E, brave! I would have died, but then again, that’s me. the chick with NOT ONE tat. LOL

    And is it just me, but does Jim Jones look like he is one dollar away from being homeless. He looks so scraggly.

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