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Angel Lola Luv is enuff to make a dying priest say Gotdaaayuuum!!!

Posted by Media Outrage on March 25, 2008

Angel Lola Luv

Angel Lola Luv and her suspect backs showed up last night to celebrate Day 26’s album release party in NY. Fake or real doesn’t matter because that thing is just ridiculous, she could charge money for giving horse rides on that thing. Anthony Anderson, Cassie, Kevin Liles, and a few others came out to party with Diddy and those day 26 characters. To see a whole bunch more pics of Angel Lola Luv and her horse backs

Anthony AndersonTerrence JCassieAngel Lola Luv and Willie Taylor

Angel Lola LuvAngel Lola LuvAngel Lola LuvAngel Lola LuvAngel Lola Luv and Willie Taylor

Kevin Liles and Anthony AndersonDiddyCassieTerrence J

Day 26

8 Responses to “Angel Lola Luv is enuff to make a dying priest say Gotdaaayuuum!!!”

  1. B.Price said

    Well, well isn’t Cassie looking good

  2. Tmoney said

    I see alot of pple hate on this girl on different websites. she has a physical gift on her and she’s using it to her advantage. we can talk about her face and the size of her head, but thats not the reason pple buy king, ssx or smooth magazine. she isn’t the greatest looking person but she isn’t ugly either, lets not act like we see that type of junk in the trunk every day in our lives.

  3. man-z said

    She has one of the best looking faces on the planet! What are you talking about?

  4. Real Talk said

    She is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen!

    That is not “junk” in the trunk, unless they’ve come up with a new word for “silicone”

    Just keepin it real.

  5. beach chick said

    Oh my bad I think I stumbled into the wrong conversation…..NEXT!

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