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Laila Ali is expecting

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008

Laila Ali

Laila Ali and husband Curtis Conway are expecting their first child together.

Via People:

“I don’t know yet if we are having a boy or a girl, but I’m excited that I have a life inside me that my husband and I created.”

This is the first child for Ali and the fourth for Conway, who has twin sons, Kelton and Cameron, 13, and a daughter Leilani, 9.

“I am 100 percent undeniably happy,” Ali tells ESSENCE. “I’ve never been able to say that before.”

Ali, 30, and Conway, 37, met at his house, when he hosted a small get-together, which Ali attended with a friend. The pair became engaged on Thanksgiving 2006.

Shortly after their wedding, Ali told PEOPLE that married life was “excellent.”

“My husband and I are best friends,” she said. “We have great communication and we respect each other.”

Mediaoutrage– Congrats to Laila and Curtis.

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Was LATimes Tupac conspiracy article full of lies???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008


LATimes writer Chuck Phillips dropped the A-Bomb last week in a very accusatory article full of conspiracy theories, which implicated rap mogul Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the late Notorious B.I.G., and Czar Entertainment CEO Jimmy ‘Henchman’ Rosemond in the 1994 ambush and assault on Tupac Shakur in which he was shot 5 times at the Quad Recording Studios in NY. Now The Smoking Gun has released information stating that James Sabatino which is the man who fed Phillips a lot of the documents and info is a delusional con man and pathological liar. Read it for yourself.

Here’s the statement that Jimmy ‘Henchma’ Rosemond’s people issued to us….

I have always maintained over the past 14 years that I had no knowledge or involvement in the assault on Tupac in 1994.”

“I have been targeted by L.A Times writer Chuck Phillips and dishonest government informants in an effort to ruin my name in an industry that I’ve devoted 16 years of my life to. In this peaceful time in Hip Hop, the L.A. Times’ false accusations are as serious as when J. Edgar Hoover deliberately sent false hate letters to chapters of the Black Panther Party to create mistrust, violence and mayhem amongst them. Chuck Phillips irresponsibly did the same thing by creating a potentially violent climate in the Hip Hop community. Because the truth has come out, I am finally hopeful that I can move forward in my service to the music industry.”

Once again shouts to Rachel Noerdlinger for the tip!

To read his lawyer’s statement Read the rest of this entry »

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A little OJ and Isaiah Thomas???

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008

Wendy and husband

Gossip Queen Wendy Williams and her crazy ass looking husband Kevin Hunter have been accused by a former station employee of some crazy ish.

Via Nypost:

The younger hubby of radio shock jock Wendy Williams repeatedly tried to force her female booker to sleep with him – and beat up his tough-talking wife at her own station, an explosive complaint charges.

Nicole Spence, who works as the red-hot radio queen’s talent booker at WBLS 107.5-FM, filed the papers with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission yesterday.

Spence, 27, claims in the complaint that her boss’ husband, Kevin Hunter, 33, demanded sex from her more than a dozen times and created a hostile work environment by repeatedly beating up Williams Read the rest of this entry »

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Still putting up Wilt numbers on these hoes

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008


Mike is enjoying his singleness to the fullest.

Via Nypost:

MICHAEL Jordan showed up with not one, but two hot girls on his arm at the recent Oakley sunglasses women’s event in Miami. “They were both acting like his girlfriends, like it was a menage a trois. They both had their hands on his thighs,” said a spy. “The girls even looked alike, tan with dark hair.”

Mediaoutrage– Who wouldn’t live it up after dishing out $168mill to there wife in the most expensive celebrity divorce ever? Mike is probably smashing like 10 jawns a week. Skeet Skeet Skeet….

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It took $179.00 to make this

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008

Angel Lola Luv is starring in a bootleg is not the word flick that looks like it was shot with a 1987 palm recorder and her acting rivals Diddy’s acting in anything he plays in. She should just stick to shaking her phat azz in BET un-cut videos. SMH. Found this over at the home girl NecoleBitchie’s site.

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Tameka Foster still running things

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008

Usher and Tameka

It looks like Tameka will always run the show with this weak ass nucca. During the video shoot for Usher’s new hit “Love in the Club” he chose the beautiful songwriter Keri Hilson to play his love interest in the video and ol Meka Meke wasn’t feeling that at all.

Via Pagesix:

Our on-set source said Foster was upset when she found out stunning singer/songwriter Keri Hilson was personally picked by Usher to play his love interest in the video.

“It was supposed to be a sexy video shoot,” our spy said. “And Tameka was there the entire time guarding like a watchdog. It was ridiculous – she knows Keri and knows she’s no video ho or Karrine Steffans.” Steffans, nicknamed “Superhead,” wrote the book, “Video Vixen,” about her alleged flings with Usher and several other artists.

“Tameka is very insecure,” our source said. “Even in rehearsals she was weird and clearly not happy that Keri is so gorgeous. Tameka threw a lot of attitude. The day of the shoot, Tameka dressed Keri very badly – she looked like an extra. Tameka wouldn’t let Keri have her hairdresser there – she had to use the hairdresser who was doing the extras.”

Foster also took a dislike to Usher’s longtime choreographer, Jamaica, and banned her from the set. When Usher and Foster were spotted at the Beverly Hills Hotel last week, “They barely said one word to each other,” we’re told.

The two have had a choppy past. After they got engaged, Usher fired his mom, Jonetta Patton, as his manager and also axed his publicists. “Tameka was the one and only one to call the shots,” spies said.

Mediaoutrage– None of this surprises us. She must be holding some real powerful black mail material over this cat’s head, because not too many dudes like to be emasculated in public. And she wonders why black women don’t like her 56 year old looking self. Harridan.

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He don’t miss no meals

Posted by Media Outrage on March 26, 2008

Magic Johnson

Magic was kicking it in Hawaii with his family and decided to go shirtless and make some onlookers throw up in there own mouths. That’s dope that he’s looking super healthy.

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