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Something for the ladies

Posted by Media Outrage on March 28, 2008

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman attended a party out in Melbourne, Australia. Despite his crazy ass life he will always be remembered as one of the NBA’s greatest rebounders and defenders. He won 5 NBA titles, 3 with the Chicago Bulls and 2 with the Detroit Pistons. The worm is addicted to the fast life or whatever will get him attention. Ladies would you date him for the money???

Dennis RodmanDennis RodmanDennis RodmanDennis RodmanDennis Rodman

2 Responses to “Something for the ladies”

  1. Bonnie said

    Hell no, I would not date him for his MONEY !

  2. […] For those who remember Terrell Owens was and still is an attention junkie sort of like this guy right here. Attention junkies need attention to survive and feel relevant. It was his own lifesize ego that […]

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