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Janet: If i were lesbian my crush would be Alicia Keys

Posted by Media Outrage on April 23, 2008

In a recent interview Janet Jackson had some interesting things to say…..

You’ve said it doesn’t bother you if someone says you’re gay or bisexual. So if you were, who would be your top three girl crushes?
I don’t know if I have three. I think I would pick Alicia Keys, for sure. I think she’s wonderful.

Why does it seem that strong women like yourself, Oprah and Alicia always get the lesbian rumors?
Maybe because it’s just that we’re strong women. I don’t know. Maybe they want to put something else behind it because of the strength. Like, you can’t be a woman and be strong, and there has to be something else to it.

Do you remember the first time someone told you there are rumors out there that you’re gay?
I don’t remember the first time, but it’s been forever. Someone once said to me, “Doesn’t that bother you?” And I was like, Why should it bother me?

What would you do if your boyfriend came home one day and said, “Honey, I’ve got something to tell you—I’m gay”?
I’d be upset because I want to be with him [Laughs.]. It’s so funny because I joke with him that it drives me crazy to be a girl sometimes, so in my next life I’m going to come back as a guy and [he’s] going to be my bitch. But if he liked guys, I would be crushed because I would want to be with him.

Mediaoutrage_ Janet doesn’t seem like she has a lesbian bone in her body, but now Tyra Banks on the other hand just seems like she enjoys making out with women for real. To get the vibe we’re trying to drive home here

Watch the video below to see how much Tyra enjoyed this

8 Responses to “Janet: If i were lesbian my crush would be Alicia Keys”

  1. w2m said

    Janet has long been open minded when it came to people who lived alternative lifestyles. She has talked before about having many friends that are either gay or lesbian. Her ex husband Renee was threatening to write a tell all book, but has since decided against releasing it. Dude would have made a lot on money on that one.

    Now Tyra. She enjoyed squeezing that girls boobs cause her hands stayed there to long. Chile you should have saw her when Aubrey gave her a lap dance last year.

  2. sweetthang said

    I think Janet would get down with a woman cause she’s always been open about sexuality, she seems like a sexual person, now Tyra, OFF TOP Did you see how she liked it when Janet fell on top of her when she was on the Tyra show??? as wendy williams says, how u doin! LOL that’s probably the real reason Tyra doesn’t have a man, she don’t want one, poor thang

  3. w2m said

    See I missed that. I got to go back and look at that one. Funny.

  4. On Highbrid Nation we’ve been talking about Janet’s “girl crush” on Alicia Keys for a few days now. I honestly don’t blame her. I have a bit of a crush on Alicia myself. But does anyone else find it odd that out of all the celebrities out there, when asked who she would hook up with she said Alicia Keys who has long been rumored to be a lesbian. Does Janet know something we don’t? Me thinks she does.

  5. sweetthang said

    yes!! you have to see it!!! tyra wanted janet to do an old dance from one of her throw back videos and i think janet tripped or something like that, i don’t remember, but she fell down on tyra and she was loving it, janet was looking at her like b*tch!!! LOL i was cracking up

  6. w2m said

    Once I saw your post I checked it out here on MO and was like dayyyuuummmm. Could Tyra be any more obvious. I mean I dig Janet and all but shoot. With my celeb struck self, I would have been like “ooooh can I hang out with you Janet”.

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