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Which one would you take ladies???

Posted by Media Outrage on April 25, 2008

Terrence Howard attended the premiere of “Iron Man”in London yesterday looking fresh and clean. It still baffles us as to why in 2008 he’s still rocking a widow’s peak. Somewhere Eddie Munster is pissed and probably filing a copyright infringement suit. Ladies we have to ask if you had your choice who you take Terrence Howard, Blair Underwood, Idris Elba, or Boris???

40 Responses to “Which one would you take ladies???”

  1. Janet said

    OMG! all 4of these men are fine as hell. I would take Boris Kojoe he is the most handsome to me. Then Terrence Howard, then Blair Underwood and then Idris. Boris is the finest

  2. Lai'lani said

    Wow every man up here is fine fine fine! I like Boris too he is jsut flawless.Terrence is played a little but still fine them eyes make anywoman melt.I would take Boris!Sorry Nicole!

  3. Yasmine T. said

    Good question.Definitely Idris he’s some dark chocolate. They all are all fine so you can’t go wrong.MO im surprised you didn’t find a way to slip Beyonce’s picture in this question lol

  4. w2m said

    Ya’ll just ain’t right, you just ain’t right. How you gonna make a sista choose. Ok so can I choose one for each day of the week. Let me run my choices by you.

    Terrance: Sunday to start the week off right. Remind me of when he played in Best Man and was taking that garter off of Shelby….say you like it. That boy just look like he could do some thangs and make you speak in tongues….sorry Lord.

    Boris: Monday because I do believe he would have me a nice breakfast ready. He look like he would romance me with a nice picnic and flowers. Just sweet.

    Idris: Thursday (got to pace myself) He looks like we would have fun going to events.

    Blair: Friday. He would just be that classy dude that would take me to the opera and dinner. Then arrive home to rose petals and wine. Lawd Hammercy.

  5. 2hot4u said

    W2m you cheatin lol lol they said pick one. My pick would be Boris all day and all night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jackie O. said

    Terrence Howard looks stuck up all of the time.He just looklike he think he the sh*t and that is a turn off.I would pick Idris just cause he;s the darkest one and dark men are the best! but Boris is the best looking but you cant go wrong with this line-up

  7. w2m said

    LOL@2hot4u….I am greedy ain’t no sense in me lying. I’m an Equal Opportunity Employer.

    **I’m a one man woman, but shoot a girl can dream can’t she**

  8. ImaHater4real said

    Im a man and not gay at all but i have to say there is nothing remotely sexy about any of these dudes.Women like these men because they are on tv and they have money and most women are digging for gold.Comeon thesd dudes are regular looking.

  9. 2hot4u said

    @W2m yep we can all dream lol.I wouldleave my husband tonight if one of them fine puppies tried to holla lol.oh and @Imahater4real you must be gay or really a hard hater because you can;t say theres nothing sexy about these chocolate brothas.They are fine from there smiles,eyes,lips,noses,hair,voices,and bodies so get you gay ass out of here lol

  10. Lexi coup said

    Come on dude you cant’ say that these men are not sexy.ANd anyway this is a question for ladies.So im gone asnwewr it.I would take Boris. After him i would take Blair. You just cant go wtrong

  11. w2m said

    BOOOOOO@ImaHater4real….Boy Bye, LOL. To be honest with you I like regular dudes and it ain’t got a thang to do with their flow and being in the entertainment industry. And sexy ain’t got a thing to do with how you look is how you carry it. I don’t need anybody to pretty. Look where it got Star (and Al ain’t even cute…just lite bright).

    LOL@2hot4u. Girl you crazy.

    MO, you need to do something on Lamman Rucker cause now that boy will cause me to go into stalker mode.

  12. sweetthang said

    WOW!!! whoever says these men are not fine, YOU’RE A HATER 4 REAL!! LOL they are all super duper fine in their own special little ways, I, prefer Boris, but all of them could get it equally, if i wasn’t about to get married that is! LOL

  13. Yasmine T. said

    Oh everyone just to let you know Sweethoe oops i meant Sweetthang really wants to pick Beyonce because she’s probably a lesbian hoe. LOL

  14. sweetthang said

    haha, a lesbian, that’s funny

  15. @ Yasmine T. Your a hater!! Sweetthang is on here all the time, why you bothering her!! I hardly ever post, but I had to this time because your starting something that shouldn’t be started. Go to a yahoo chatroom with that mess

  16. Renai said

    I would take Idris. Then, now and forever. He is so damn fine.

  17. Lisa said

    Idris all day long…

  18. Monica said

    I already know my answer. these four men have graced my heart for years.

    Boris, used to be my “play” husband until he married Nicole. Nothing wrong with that but it made him inelligible to me so he is my LAST choice.

    My first and ONLY choice is Idris Elba. He is my screen saver at work and cell phone screen saver. I absolutely love him. He looks and seems to be an ALL around guy.

    Someone you can go out with and play pool, drink, dance, or someone you can go to an event with like a play, awards shows, etc. And he looks like he can throw down in the best room in the house and I am not talking about the kitchen. ALthough…..LOL!

  19. w2m said

    I feel you Monica on that very last sentence….Kitchen sounds good to me.

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  21. kim said

    Idris hands down he is sexy as shit

  22. […] have one night with Boris. How do you guys feel them as a couple? We know we know ladies yall think Boris is just fine! Image Source […]

  23. Queen said

    Idris, Idris, Idris and Idris!!!!

  24. cutiewitbigbooty said

    I missed this post. I would take either Boris or Terrence Howard. But i think i would choose Boris cause he look like he can work it and pound me like i need to be pounded. It saddens me when im in a relationship with a good looking man who is intelligent, caring, makes a nice amount of money, but in the bed room doesnt know how to fuck my hair straight (cause i have naturally curly hair). I want to feel like i need a pack of cigarettes afterwards and i dont smoke.

  25. Udamnright said

    Yo im right here ma

  26. me too….my dick is like a hot iron on big momma stove w/ a side order of blue magic hair grease

  27. Yasmine T. said

    LMAO!!! Yall are both crazy LOL LOL

  28. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Most men that takl that way cant hang for sh*t. I loved my ex so so so much but he just couldnt satisfy me when it came to sex. I beyond satisfied this man any and everywhere. I was addicted to him and he was addicted to me and everything was good except i just wasnt physically pleased with our intimacy it hurt but had to let him go. Maybe he got better but maybe not. I was his fantasy woman lol a good looking, ride or die dime piece that would suck him dry anywhere and everywhere.

  29. That was beautiful love story…..

  30. Udamnright said

    LOL yo sis i need a cig now after reading that

  31. Udamnright said

    Any body got a f*cking light?

  32. cutiewitbigbooty said

    Udamnright you are funny. Listen honey if MO ever responds to me lol lol and allows us to submit pics will you submit yours so we can all see what each other look like? Im just asking

  33. Shenelle said

    Iris all the way.

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  35. Somaya said

    4.T- Howard

  36. Trina said

    boris alllllllll day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he’s flawless!

  37. Mandie said

    Blair Underwood

  38. z said


    If you’re looking for handsome, sexy and the greatest actor in the bunch, Blair Underwood is the one.

    That was not, however, the best photo to enter for that question.

  39. ritta! said


  40. […] Blair Underwood attended the Golden Globes style lounge in Los Angeles on Friday evening. He posed with a pair of women’s panties and we’re sure many of you female M.O. readers wish this pic was taken in your bed rooms or a discreet hotel suite LOL. But really, ladies could an unmarried Blair Underwood get the draws? Or at least dinner and a second date? […]

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