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Denzel on set in manhattan

Posted by Media Outrage on April 28, 2008

Denzel Washington was filming his new movie “The Taking Of Pelham 123” yesterday on the streets of Manhattan yesterday. We’re not sure what the film is about yet, being that he has the star role we know it will be a banger just like all of his other movies. This dude is definitely the greatest actor doing and should have won like 5 Oscars by now. What role doesn’t he kill?  What’s your favorite Denzel flick???

To see more pics of Denzel on set

8 Responses to “Denzel on set in manhattan”

  1. w2m said

    I don’t know a film Denzel hasn’t killed. I can say my favorite film for him was “Malcolm X”, but when I started crushing on him was when he was in “Ricochet”. I absolutely loved in him in “The Great Debators”. The man can do any part and be believable.

  2. Media Outrage said

    Yep “Ricochet” was the movie.

  3. Yasmine T. said

    He definitely should have won a few oscars by now. But we all know why he hasn’t let’s just keep it all the way 100, it’s because he’s a black man. He should have won for his role in Malcolm X, The Great Debaters, Man on Fire, and a few more. Yes he is the best actor alive. No one transforms themselves into characters the way he does. I know this movie will be hot just because he’s in it.

  4. sweetthang said

    any movie this man is in, I am there front row on opening night! Julia Roberts made a comment one time that if Denzel didn’t win an oscar ever, she should give up all hers because he has more talent than anyone in Hollywood, it was something like that. She got that right!

  5. B.Price said

    Why am I the last to get in on these posts following these three ladies? lol
    Denzel is the Man for sure, one of my favorites is the Pelican Brief with J.Roberts and even though he should’ve had Oscars for 2/3’s of films that he’s done I did enjoy seeing him in Training Day.

  6. Monie said

    Hi MediaOutrage,

    The Taking of Pelham 123 is a remake of a movie by the same title from the 70’s. It’s about a group of people who take-over a subway train in N.Y. Just google it.

  7. Media Outrage said

    Thanks Monie we appreciate it.

  8. yvonne johnson said

    This should be good. It is a remake of the old movie about a knucklehead trying to take over the pelham line subway.

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