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Goodness gracious……..

Posted by Media Outrage on April 30, 2008

Alicia Keys dropped by the “Late Show with David Letterman” yesterday looking ridiculously sexy wearing a skin tight gray dress. Yep that’s enough to go platinum a million times minus those thick kankles of hers. Fellas body wise how does she comare to Beyonce??? Ok Ladies you can answer also if you choose.

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29 Responses to “Goodness gracious……..”

  1. sweetthang said

    she looks nice, but I really love the shoes HOT

  2. sweetthang said

    by the way, she’s not tall at all, in person she is very short and petite

  3. w2m said

    Those shoes are hot. Definitely digging those.

  4. hasaan said

    She could be webster’s height and i would still f*ck thunder out of her ass. lol

  5. g-man said

    Alicia is crazy sexy and talented. But i personally think Beyonce’s body is off the chain and way better and sexier. Would definitely take Beyonce.

  6. Monte said

    Alicia’s butt isn’t really that big if you examine the pics.IF you put Beyonce in a dress that tight man cats would be doing backflips to get near her.They both pretty though.I would love to get it in with beyhonce and chill with Alicia. real talk

  7. B.Price said

    Beyonce is built different then Ms.Keys for sure, so it’s really not “fair” to compare the two. Alicia has the smaller frame, while Beyonce is curvy and just all around delicious and stacked.

  8. Lee Gill said

    Alright butt but can’t compare to Janet Jackson or Deelishis

  9. Killa said

    Lee Gill you are wilding. Janet Jackson is no comparison at all to Beyonce. Homegirl’s figure is ridiculous. Beyonce has behind for days and nights make it months. Im a Deelishis fan and love her booty but would still take Beyonce and Im sure 90% of the dudes on this site would take Beyonce lol.

  10. Genius said

    B.Price i understand that they are built different but i think you can still compare them though.If we just compare straight up looks not talent…Im taking Beyonce strait up.Have yall seen that ass lol? Jigga is lucky dude

  11. Yasmine T. said

    Oh my goodness M.O.!!! Yall just couldn’t do it could you???Couldn’t just go a few more days without talking about this broad lol.Why can’t yall let Alicia have her shine M.O.?It’s definitely clear that most men would prefer Beyonce because of her figure although A Keys is just as pretty in the face and even more as it pertains to music and singing and lets not even talk about writing music and the playing of instruments lol Beyonce couldn’t write her name. But i think most men love Beyonce becasue she sells sex in all of her songs n videos by shaking it all over the place. Alicia is classy on the other hand and makes songs full of substance.

  12. B.Price said

    @Genius: Yeah that’s true, Beyonce to me is the most attractive female in the game currently. She’s got that million dollar smile, smooth carmel complexion, body literally shaped like a Coke bottle. What more is there to want?

    Yeah I mourned the day it was confirmed that she and Jay tied the knot.

  13. Genius said

    Yea i never have understood then again i understand why chicks hate on Bey for absolutely no reason…it’s just hate and jealousy.I mean homegirl is classy, seems to be rather intelligent, well spoken, and her talent is out of this world. Although i will admit i see women in D.C. that look just as good as her and better every weekend. The only thing is they might not have the perfect physique like her as in flat stomach, but in the face she’s a regular looking girl but very pretty.

  14. Lai'Lani said

    As a woman i can even say that Beyonce has a better body than Alicia or Ashanti. Actually M.O. you should pose the question to your male readers as to who they would take Halle Berry in her prime or Beyonce? And to Yasmine T. why do you dislike Beyonce so much? Just asking.

  15. B.Price said

    100% co-sign on seeing the women in DC on the same level as B. What I think sets our women apart is that they are intelligent and independent as well, those two combined with the appearance piece pretty much sums it up for the whole package.

  16. Kristina said

    I agree with everyone else (or mainly everyone else) when I say Beyonce got the better body. Not trying to knock Alicia because the girl is making that dress work. It’s just that there’s two different shapes there and it’s kind of hard to compare. I’m with you on that one B. Price! Anyways you know, I never really understood the Beyonce hate either. I too think it has a lot to do with jealousy. That chick got more money in the diamond stud on her pinky toe than most people make in their entire life. Adding in the has that talent, aint running around with crack underneath her nose, a family woman and beautiful? You can only go two ways, loving her or hating her. Sad to see people hate on a powerful black woman but I digress….

  17. margie said

    Kristina you hit the whole nail on the head.

  18. w2m said

    Hey Kristina. Hey everybody. Love Beyonce and Alicia. Two different powerhouses. Now somebody tell me where I can get those shoes. Been researching those dang shoes all morning.

  19. Yasmine T. said

    Lai’Lani I’m glad you asked. I will explain why I do not like Beyonce at all. I have had the opportunity to meet her in person 2 times and i don’t mean by getting an autograph. A girlfriend of mine used to be extremely close to one of her cousins so i had the chance to meet her and be around her. Home girl was very standoffish and anti social. She really acted as if she thought she was better than us. I was shocked and offended by her arrogance. Yes she is pretty in person but not breath taking. But her attitude is not fly at all. And as an artist she just doesn’t move me. I think people fawn all over her because people are basically followers. Those are my reasons for not liking that ignorant broad.

  20. B.Price said

    Hey W2m! 🙂 I’ve been seeing that all over the blogs today with you all raving her shoes, even overheard two of my female co-workers discussing it in passing this morning. Are they that hot?

  21. sweetthang said

    Hey guys, B. Price and W2m!! I’m looking and I think I will find them soon!! I’ll let you know as soon as I do and to answer your question, they are that HOT! lol

  22. sweetthang said

    no luck yet, I’ve looked everywhere, I thought I was close, they look very similar to the new Gucci’s out, oh well, I’ll keep looking

  23. w2m said

    Hey B.Price. Yep they are that hot. There are certain things a woman covets and thats another woman’s shoes. So when you see some that are just “bad” you got to cop them some how or way.

    Sweetthang let me know if you come up with something. I will let you know what I come up with.

  24. Mathew said

    Wow! Those bubble buts are soooo thick! I would burry my old cock in those bouncy big apple asses!

  25. Dick Trust said

    Man, she makes some of the most heart felt music…and I would bang that juicy fat ass so hard my dick would catch aggravated assault charge!!

  26. jlaw said

    yoo. a. keys is more sexier than beyonce, beyonce has a wide ass and it is not even [hat to b honest, i saw sum pics of her in a bikini and i kinda scrunched my face up. but a keys sexy, yall eva seen da SMOKIN ACES………A. KEYS= BAD BIZNESS!!! lol, NUFF SAID!

  27. All I want to say is goodness gracious….

  28. eric tres said

    Alicia Keys no doubt has a fine fine ass, but baby girl just don’t know how to flaunt it most of the times looking ridiculous. Well ya all know what am talking about, you know that no one video, it’s hard to tell who’s wearing who, is it she? or is the clothes wearing her. She should do playboy so we can see if that ass is as gorgeous as it looks on pictures

  29. Jeri Rio said

    I savor, result in I found just what I used to be having a look for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye|

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