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Beyonce’s back in the studio

Posted by Media Outrage on May 2, 2008

Beyonce is already back to work and recording new music only a month after her secret wedding to Hovy Hov, and despite the pregnancy rumors.

Via People:

Beyonce returned to the studio this week to record new material, PEOPLE has learned. The newlywed, 26, is working in N.Y.C. with production duo Chris “Tricky” Stewart and Kuk Harrell. “She’s a professional,” Tricky tells PEOPLE. “She loves what she does and works her [butt] off. Right now she’s basically doing three to four songs a day and that’s unheard of.”

Tricky, who worked with Rihanna and Jay-Z on “Umbrella” and Mariah Carey on “Touch My Body,” said the newly-minted husband hasn’t visited the studio, but don’t count out a collaboration between the newlyweds.

“It’s always a possibility,” Tricky said of a future Beyoncé and Jay-Z musical pairing. “They worked together before, so it may be just a matter of getting the right record.”

So has Tricky, a newlywed himself, offered any marital advice to Beyoncé? “No, we haven’t talked about it at all, but I will probably ask her for advice at some point!”

Mediaoutrage– That’s whats up Yasmine’s girl is in the studio cranking out another banging classic just for her. Nah but what we want to know from you out there in Mediaoutrage land is which of her two albums you felt the most? And why….

9 Responses to “Beyonce’s back in the studio”

  1. w2m said

    MO when I saw the title I was like “Man Yasmine T. gonna be up in here shouting down the house.

    You know I liked both albums, but the second one is the one I love. I could play that over and over and not get tired. The fact that she went in and did it without A&R reps and got slammed at first, then went platinum with it shows her talent.

    I also liked the tunes her sister Solange wrote (Flaws & All, Get Me Bodied). I haven’t always been a fan of Solange but she got some writing chops. I think her (Solange) album might do a little something when it drops.

    I’m a big fan of Bey’s so I can’t wait for it to drop.

  2. Yasmine T. said

    Goodmorning all and Mediaoutrage yall know you wrong for posting 3times about this heffah in 2days…SMH let me find out that yall on her payroll with her non talented ass. Anyway her first album was ok . Her beats really make her because she has no writing talent…Yes Ne-Yo exposed that lying broad on the radio after she said she wrote “To The Left To The Left” he said he wrote it. Her second album (once again another album just selling sex) is ok i like get me bodied, and Ne-Yo’s to the left, and the last song the slow joint but other than that it is kind of weak, definitely an instant coaster. I really can’t believe how she cast such a powerful spell on these weak minded stans. Like she can sing ok, she’s no Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Tina Turner, or Jennifer Hudson (who she clearly tried to destroy her career). All she has is a nice body, bad breath (so they say), weave from here to Maine, and she is dumb as hell in interviews. She never knows which designer’s gown she is wearing when asked. Oh my she cast a spell on you fools.

  3. sweetthang said

    Personally, my favorite album was Dangerously in Love! that bad boy was hot from front to cover and it had way more than 10 tracks, I got a beef with artists who come out with only 10 tracks unless it’s an instrumental album (side bar, sorry) B-day was whack to me, I only liked a few songs which were get me bodied, kitty kat, and greenlight, and deja vu’s instrumentation was hot, other than that, I didn’t too much care for it, I prefer the R&B Beyonce, that Speechless from her first album was too hot to trot, as far as talent is concerned, I love Bey on stage, chick can dance and sing for two hours without ever showing fatigue, as far as her personality on TV, don’t care for that part too much, she seems a bit robotic and that’s probably from getting in the music game at such a young age

  4. Yasmine T. said

    Oh my god M.O.!!! The impossible done happened Sweetthang done done it now she done publicly criticized her human god. Girl that took a lot of guts now stop crying its going to be ok. Or then again she could have got up from her puter and another 15 year old could have typed that in while she was practicing her Soulja Boy moves. Either way we’re proud and god is proud that you denounced your idol.

  5. sweetthang said

    @ W2m, hey girl. I didn’t know Solange wrote Flaws & All, that song was actually hot, did that appear on any of her albums? I only saw a live video of it once, the soon to be also liked that song as well and we wondered who had written it

  6. w2m said

    @Sweetthang, I peeped it out online that she wrote it. Someone did a story on Solange and here writing. She is pretty good. I think that was on Bey’s DVD. YOu know my song was Speechless on her first album too. Love that joint. That girl can dance like no body’s business and you are right she shows no sign of stopping until the show is over. She has gotten better over the years because I couldn’t stand to watch her interviews at first.

  7. sweetthang said

    thanks for the info. Her writing is pretty good I must say. I saw Tina Turner in concert with my dad about 8 years ago and Bey, as far as the stage is concerned, definitely reminds me of that, young talent like Rihanna, they have a little work to do as far as stamina goes, but to dance and sing on stage like that for two hours and not get tired says a lot. Oh yeah, I couldn’t stand her voice in interviews, it still disturbes me a bit, sometimes I think she just doesn’t know what to say.

  8. w2m said

    I think thats the part where Papa Knowles failed her at. He didn’t get her the training she needed when it came to giving articulate interviews. All and all though she is an excellent performer so I guess I canover look those times she has to actually speak.

  9. OlFatBoy said

    I’m so over the “I hate Beyonce” thing. Did she mug you in the back of the head?!?! Why are we so quick to judge people we only know through the media? No talent, bad breath, let’s be serious. Say whatever you want but she sets the standard for all those other R&B jawns right now & that’s a big challenge. Her music is innovative, whether its songs she wrote or not. Patti, Aretha & Tina had songs written for them too lol. Undoubtedly there are better singers out there in the world, but she brings the whole package. She stinks @ interviewing? DAMN! LOL maybe she doesn’t like to interview! maybe she ISN’T the best at articulating her thoughts. When you are catapulted to the forefront there are probably a lot of things that you are forced to overcome or deal with. I guess success breeds envy… I don’t understand why people have to be so negative. Even if you don’t personally like her music, does that mean everyone else shouldn’t? I Hate HATERS lol… If you were a star I would wish you abundant success even if you were still a HATER.

    Oh… and i liked D.i.L. better…. but I would rather watch B’Day. That girl is bad.

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