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Can’t stop shaking my damn head

Posted by Media Outrage on May 2, 2008

SMH at this little boy wanting to do some gangsta stuff with his friend. After they cut them cameras off and his grandmom got his little ass home she probably beat the dog sh*t out of him Cunta Kinte style, with him hanging from a spinning ceiling fan, butt naked with a fig leaf over his private, while she’s swinging a strap made of cowhide.

7 Responses to “Can’t stop shaking my damn head”

  1. Dick Trust said

    Yo, I would have whooped his ass so sweet my foot would have caught Diabetes!!

  2. w2m said

    Whooooo, Whooooo, let me get hold of that tail. I would the dog snot out of that boy. He said “its fun doing bad stuff” and “he wanted to do hood rat stuff”. His little butt watch to much damn TV. Beat the color off him.

    Kunta Kinte style is right. I would tie his little tail to a tree and tear that butt up. Police would just have to arrest me, but not before I lit in.

  3. […] right now to pour down his throat* Latarian Milton who is the same 7 year old kid who two weeks ago stole his grandmom’s vehicle “because he wanted to do some hoodrat stuff with his friends” is now being held for […]

  4. […] ready to call the law (popo) on black parents when they slap they’re kid into 2035 for being disrespectful, but it’s possible that black parents learned some of this whipping and spanking behavior […]

  5. tina said

    what does SMH MEAN?????????????

  6. Shaking my head

  7. cupcakestl said

    Lisa Raye should have hired him to kick in the door!

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