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Man says he infected thousands of women with AIDS

Posted by Media Outrage on May 6, 2008

This is wild if it’s true. We hope this is a joke but if not there are no words….. Thanks to the homie Pam for sending us the video! Crazy. He says he has had unprotected sex with over 15,000 black, latino, and white women. Tent revival needed ASAP!

9 Responses to “Man says he infected thousands of women with AIDS”

  1. w2m said

    This is one hot mess if it is true. The fact that he thinks he is educating folk trips me the HELL out. He gonna teach somebody a lesson. See I got my own brand of justice for that ass once he is caught:

    Get a deep dark abandoned basement with electricity working; chain that ass up between two sturdy iron poles cemented to the ground; Let a live wire hang from the ceiling, while a stream of water flows in. Each day I would chop off a toe, then a finger when the toes are gone, release the “field” rats (they smell blood). When the water rises it will shock him, but not enough to kill him. When I don’t have anymore fingers and toes, I will go for that precious teaching tool he calls a “penis” and wack it off.

    By the time I’m through with that ass, he won’t want to teach nobody anything else. I’m way past tent revival and prayer.

    *Note* this is the mind of a writer so I have a very vivid imagination.

  2. B.Price said

    WHOA W2m….whoa. You have a VERY vivid imagination, but what you described is more then justified if what he says is indeed true.

  3. 2thick4u said

    This is very shocking. I would hope this isn’t true.

    I am going to have to make sure that I educate the younger generation of my family about trifling ass men and women in this world that is willing to spread their dieases to anyone.

    This man needs to be caught fast and quick.

    W2m…I am with you 100 percent!!!

  4. The thing of it is, if people would wait until marriage to have intercourse and remain faithful in the bounds of marriage, he could not have slept with 15,000+ women.

    This, of course, in no way justifies what he does but the fault lies on both sides of the bed though his side is rotten with malicious intent and a hatred that is deeply rooted in his heart.

    Jesus Christ is the only hope for this world and is the only hope completely cast aside for all the filth the world provides.

  5. marcg said

    BS. This guy hasn’t had sex with 15,000 women. Get real.

  6. Rachel said

    There is no way he slept with 15,000 women. But the mere thought of someone purposely spreading a deadly virus is sick. If this is a joke he still needs to be arrested for scaring the hell out of people. But why in 2008 are people still having unprotected sex?

  7. onlykia said

    Hope is a fake…

  8. DC said

    Seriously… for him to have slept with 15,000 women… at a rate of 2 different women per day WITHOUT FAIL, it would take 20 years and 6 months! You really want us to believe that this (or any many) has been able to accomplish this? I see the effort of ‘education’ he’s trying to make in this kind of statement — people are outraged over this, but the reality is that blacks make up a disproportionate (over 50%) number of new HIV/AIDS cases. When are we going to start having a serious discussion with people we KNOW? At present 1 in 4 young black women (between 16-19) have had at least one STD. That means if you count any 4 young ladies you know that age, most likely ONE of them (your cousins, sisters, nieces, neighbors) has had an STD… who is going to talk to them and keep this trend from continuing — will we wait for this guy and a youtube video!?

  9. Shawty said

    How did the ages go from 15 or 16 & up [when he was reading the names] to 18-21 when he stated he’d copulated 15,000? He has a script–notice the “AIDS-infected semen” comment……running in a loop. Rather than verity–it sounds more like a “scared straight” tactic to me….a very maniacal one, indeed.

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