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Hot Ghetto Stankin Mess Of The Day!

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2008

This is safe for work but it’s time we started giving some folk the shine they truly desire and work so hard to attain. So here you are…enjoy and we want your comments

Artistic Genius……………….

7 Responses to “Hot Ghetto Stankin Mess Of The Day!”

  1. Lai'Lani said

    LOL LOL! I’m done with yall! crackin the hell up

  2. w2m said

    What the HIGH HOLY HELL!!! Please somebody stop my eyes from bleeding. Why is that folk are so damn ghetto. This is beyond ghetto. I hate to see black women do this. Just NASTY!!

  3. sweetthang said

    yuck, why did I jump as soon as I scrolled down and saw this mess, lol this chick needs some meds fast, ugh, just imagine that when she’s like 80 years old…yuck again

  4. B.Price said

    That is literately and utterly disgusting

  5. ga peach said

    wtf?…this is the worse mess I have ever seen.

  6. Just wait until it droops. She better do squats the rest of her life.

  7. dway said

    seen her before she is a porn star from dipset…dipsex dvd not suprised nasty whore

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