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Jay and Beyonce’s swanky affair at the 40/40

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2008

Jay-Z who had his black James Bond swagger pumping, threw a private party at his New York 40/40 last night in which more than a few folk came out to enjoy with he and Beyonce. Joy Bryant, Irv Gotti who seemed to be having some sort of bodily reaction in the pic (Number 2 anyone?), Farnsworth Bentley, Kendu, Fab who throws up the same peace sign in every photo, NBA rookie Kevin Durant, Pepa and her manish swag, and Alex Rodriguez all enjoyed the party.

To see more pics from this classy affair

9 Responses to “Jay and Beyonce’s swanky affair at the 40/40”

  1. w2m said

    Where do I begin. Jay always through the classy events. Man I need to network the top to get up in there.

    A-Rod is just FINE!!! Dang!! Will somebody please explain to me Farnsworth Bently, please. Irv, need some x-lax. Bey’s roots are showing, could that be a sign that a bun is in the oven. She looks good though; glowing almost, Hmmm. did I say that A-Rod was fine. Joy looks like is gonna squeak when she walks with that plastic dress on. Still gorgeous though. No words for Fabulous or Pepa. A-Rod….dang he fine.

  2. sweetthang said

    lol @w2m!!! now A-Rod is the truth! about Bey’s roots, mmmm, maybe there is a little Jay-Bey in the oven, it’s not like they would ever confirm it though, lol Joy looks much better than normal, at least girlfriends hair is combed and she put some concealer on. and yeah A-Rod is just too fine

  3. sweetthang said

    and one more thing, I’m sorry, but do Bey’s teeth look yellow to you? maybe it’s just that horrible pink lipstick but geez, if I had money like that, my teeth would be white as snow, sorry i just had to get that out

  4. Kristina said

    Y’all aint lying about arod, he is so fine it’s ridic. His skin is so smooth, his eyes, that body, good god I could just keep going. It’s too bad his wife looks like a dude though. w2m I was wondering the same thing about Farnsworth, like how’d he get in? If that’s the case, where’s my invite? And what happened to that supposed album he was going to drop? I don’t know about the yellow teeth sweetthang but sometimes I wonder about that future baby Carter. Then again I don’t know, I bet Bey got the bomb birth control. It’s probably made of acid and does a number on her ovaries so she can keep churning out hits.

  5. w2m said

    LMBO@Kristina girl you wild. I’m tripping off of her birth control possibly being made of acid. Chile some of these folk should be so lucky.

    I’m with you Kristina on Farnsworth. Where the heck is my invite. I know a sista on the grind trying to get in and I got a legit gift/talent.

    @Sweetthang, Bey just need some Celebrity Teeth Whitener and to stop drinking all that coffee.

  6. w2m said

    I got to peep out A-Rod’s wife cause I didn’t know she look like a dude. Gonna make me start singing Aerosmith…


  7. Shawty said

    ‘BEYONTAY’ needs to have some class and get herself a ZOOM job…or some crest white strips!

    A-r0d = utterly delicious!

    End of conversation…….

  8. AROD said

    40/40 club is where the magic happens. bey has her eggs stashed at a bank for safe keeping just in case 3 layers of rubbers on jay and birth control fail. as for the wife looking like a man, please refer here …that headlock is deadly :[

  9. w2m said

    Those cheek bones are kinda prominent. Alrighty then

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