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Nick and Mariah’s wedding photo

Posted by Media Outrage on May 7, 2008

Here it is for all of you who refused to believe that this farce was legit. This is especially for you Sweetthang because you just were in disbelief like “This chick married that cornball!?!?! I’d rather sacrifice myself by fire, before i would adjoin my body, mind, soul, spirit, spit, checkbook, and last name with that doofball b*tch ass trick.” Those were your thoughts Sweetthang. We read minds well.

Here’s what they had to say about each other:

“We really do feel we are soulmates,” Carey tells PEOPLE, following their sunset ceremony at the pop star’s Bahamian estate. “I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me.”

Cannon adds: “She is beautiful on the outside and 10 times as beautiful on the inside.”

Mediaoutrage– Which insides is he talking about? LOL ok we gone stop strike that last question from the record your honor.

8 Responses to “Nick and Mariah’s wedding photo”

  1. w2m said

    Naw MO to late we can’t forget that last question. Nick grinning harder than a mug (remember that one). HEEEEEEYYYYY KOOL-AID.

    I want to ask is the promotion for a movie or something cause I am just in disbelief….

    Sweetthang, MO got you down pat.

  2. sweetthang said

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! that was sooo hilarious!!! thanks MO for that, you read my mind oh so well. lmao! I guess I can stop talking about it now that I’ve seen the pictures of their boo’d-up-ness lol IT WON’T LAST, IT WON’T LAST, IT WON’T LAST!!! HAHA

    w2m, they got me girl!!!! LOL

  3. sweetthang said

    Oh, and one more thing….soul mates my a$$, more like publicity mates, corny mates, OK, I’ll stop!

  4. Diana Silvington said

    LOL yall are crazy. They went into the whole fake convo. That made me laugh.

  5. LOL… You took the words right out of my mouth.

    But I’m sure he was looking at her bank account and the rest of her assets before he gave her that ring. Speaking of rings… I think she got a remixed version of the original given to that other chick he wanted to marry some months ago… A few changes in the setting and there… Next chick.

  6. Kristina said

    Hahaha at sweetthang! Ehhhh on Nick though, he look happy as hell, like so happy it hurts. Why do I still feel like Ashton Kutcher will pop out of somewhere rolling around laughing his a$$ off?

  7. sweetthang said

    @ Kristina!!! that was so funny about Ashton Kutcher! yeah, what if this was some type of funny joke

  8. Lio said

    LOL..HAHAHA..LOOK at Nick..Happy as hell.. His wife is worth 200 millions, She’s fuckin hot !! HELL I’LL BE HAPPY TOO… JACKPOOOOOOOOT !!!! KA CHING !!

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