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The newlyweds first night out on the town

Posted by Media Outrage on May 9, 2008

Nick Cannon and new wife Mariah Carey made their first public appearance in NY last night at Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world event, since setting the media world on fire with the announcement of their secret nuptials. Chris Rock and his beautiful wife Malaak Compton, Gayle King, and Tyler Perry, LA Reid, and CEO Richard Parsons all attended. To see the exclusive pics of Mariah and Nick’s wedding click here.

To see more pics from this swanky affair

7 Responses to “The newlyweds first night out on the town”

  1. w2m said

    Awww look at that the sweet publicity stunt…I mean couple.

    Why do Kenan look like “Blind Melly Jelly” from Sanford and Son.

  2. B.Price said

    Good morning W2m, and M0.
    @W2m: My sista, my sista! You got me rollin in my office this morning, i mean literally I busted out loud when i read your comment. I’m glad we still see eye-to-eye on this MC/NC show thats being put on for the world to see. And yes, that bama looks just like Blind Melly Jelly doesn’t he? God…i loved Sanford & Son.

  3. Media Outrage said

    LOL yall are both crazy lol bama lol

  4. w2m said

    “I want my daddy records”

    See B.Price I swear we are kindred spirits because I was gonna put bama at the end of that post but I decided not to.

    Morning to you all. MO its friday you know I ain’t gonna act right.

  5. sweetthang said

    Morning folks. lol @ Blind Melly Jelly, that was super funny! wow, they look so….ummm…yeah, together.

  6. 🙂

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